Here's The Latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer

Let's see how The Last Jedi is shaping up, shall we?

To further whet your appetite, here's the new poster:

If you want to grab tickets, we've got all the details below.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Tickets On Sale Now

It’s almost upon us – that annual entry in the Star Wars saga that we’ll probably see until the earth crumbles under the heat of an expanding sun.

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The Last Jedi airs in Australian cinemas December 14.


    I still maintain my theory that Rey and Kylo will switch sides. The trailer has me intrigued though as it might be setting things up for a neutral ending where they eliminate the polarity and achieve balance in the Force by being both light and dark in one. Either way, I'm keen.

      Could you imagine if Kylo and Rey are brothers and sisters seperated at birth.

      Kylo, I am your sister.....

      Yeah I've been on that theory for a while. Face turn for Kylo, Heel turn for Rey. Double Turn!
      Like Austin and Bret at Wrestlemania.

    If Rey does not get all beat up in the second movie I reckon she will heroically die in the third to have it all work.

    So Luke's in this one then?

      Only for the first 5 seconds. He is about to say something then falls off a cliff.

    Is that Phasma in the background of the poster?
    I'm not watching any trailers, but I hope she will have a part to play.

      Bottom-right corner is Phasma, next to the "I" in Jedi.

      Yeah I never understood why they hyped her and basically treated her as a background character.

    After watching that, I'm a little bit excited for this one.

    What's with the space penguin? You'd think they'd learn their lesson about dumb "cute" animals in this franchise.

      They're called porgs and are adorable so you take that back. Cute animals work when they're not tied directly to the plot, i.e. Jar Jar and the ewoks. This one just looks like a new lil pal for Chewie.

      That being said if the porg is directly the reason for the film's major victory then I will take it back and hate the porgs also.

        Ok. I'll roll with it being an assistance penguin for Chewy's PTSD from losing Han.

        I sincerely hope Porgs are responsible for ALL victories from now on.

      How dare you. Porgs are life.

    Looks like I'm gonna be 'that' guy but I thought it was fairly pedestrian. It didn't get me all hot and bothered like the trailers for Ep 7 did. There's no universe where I decide not to watch Ep 8 but this trailer wouldn't convince me, if I was on the fence about seeing it.

      I actually totally agree with you on the trailer. Standard affair. However, I think the issue here is I didnt enjoy Force Awakens at all since it was basically A New Hope 2, and this looks suspiciously like Empire Strikes 2. We shall see. Let's hope it's as amazing as Rogue One was...

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