Hitman Will Get New Campaign, Return Of Elusive Targets

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Hitman will get a Game of the Year Edition on November 7, IO announced today. It will bring a new campaign, new escalations, and a chance to try Elusive Targets you might have missed. It isn’t Season Two, but it is a ton of exciting new stuff.

The new campaign, “Patient Zero”, will cross Sapienza, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido. These maps have been “re-worked from the original settings with new gameplay opportunities, disguises, characters, challenges, gameplay mechanics, AI behaviour and HUD elements”.

Elusive Targets, Hitman‘s timed assassinations, are going to get “re-activated”. You won’t be able to replay ones you failed, but it’s a chance to try the ones you missed. The first will appear “shortly after” November 7.

There will also be new suit and weapon combinations, and each will get an Escalation around them. In addition, a general game update will overhaul the UI and lighting, among other tweaks.

The Game of the Year edition will be purchasable separately, and all new content will cost $US20 ($26) for current Hitman owners.


  • I picked this game up a while ago but never got around to playing it. Sounds like November might be a good time to give it a go. How do people find it overall?

    • In my opinion, if you like Blood Money, then this game is pretty close to recapturing that. The maps are pretty diverse and interesting, there’s some great ways to kill people, and the difficulty is pretty good. In particular Sapienza is huge and absolutely stunning, probably one of my all time favourite Hitman levels. Hokkaido is also a fantastic level that I still have tons of fun on. I think one of the major things that makes this so much more enjoyable than Absolution is that they brought back the silliness. Yes you can be super serious and everything, but there’s those moments where you’re battling to get out of a situation, or 47 is disguised as something ridiculous as well. There’s also a bunch of achievements to keep the game going, some of which are pretty hard. The Elusive Targets, and the custom missions add even more replayability.

      As far as criticisms go, Colorado is easily the biggest miss in this game. Compared to the other levels it just wasnt fun for a few reasons. Marrakech also was a bit underwhelming, but it wasnt terrible. You can still have some fun on it. The jury’s still out on the episodic format, but that doesnt really matter now since it’s all out already. As good as Sapienza is, there is one objective in it that I didnt like (wont say which) although this only applies to the main storyline. Story is pretty flat but it’s a Hitman game. They’ve never really ever hit the heights of story writing. You could also argue that the achievement list gives away a fair few of the kill methods, so you cant really stumble on too many surprises if you read them before hand.

      Ultimately, it’s a really good entry into the series, and blows Absolution out of the water. I’ve had a ton of fun with this game and I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a fan!

    • I think it depends how much you like replaying the levels. There are 6 levels plus the tutorial (compare that to the 20 from Absolution and 13 from Blood Money).

      I finished the first 4 levels in about 2-3 hours, then forced myself to replay some of them to stretch the game out a bit. But that got boring quickly and I never went back.

      The levels themselves were great, but it felt like half a game to me.

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