Indie Brings FPS And RTS Together Again

I'm one of those people who always wished C&C Renegade was a more popular game than it actually was, and so the idea of a squad FPS crossed with an RTS sounds real good.

Eximius is an indie game within the Square Enix collective that's basically a tactical FPS mixed with some real-time strategy. Teams are split into five players each, with one player taking control as the commander (a bit like Natural Selection) and the other four on the ground, much like a traditional FPS.

Teams win by either holding territory for long enough or destroying the enemy base entirely. It's pitched for an early access release mid-next year.

The developers also livestreamed a regular match a fortnight ago, which gives a better idea of the flow of the game.

This is the kind of game I would have loved playing at LANs. Whether there's still enough support for it in 2017 is another matter, although given the success of stuff like ArmA, Squad and to a different extent, PUBG, you'd think Eximius should find an audience.


    Renegade was too early for its time :(
    Eximius looks alright, but i would prefer a renegade reboot tbh (just not from EA)

      Why? Anyone would think you didn't want loot boxes and microtransactions in your renegade reboot :P

      In the years since Renegade died off I've often thought that. Would be interesting to see how it would be received if it was released today.

      A few months ago though I started playing Renegade X and it's quite good! Reasonable amount of people playing (depending on the time of day) and you can have bots and everything. Uses the Unreal Engine 3. Might be up your alley -

    Savage: Battle for Newerth was the same genre, pretty popular for a while. And of course Natural Selection. It's great fun but it does have its share of problems, interested to see how this one goes.

    4 a side feels kinda small to require a commander role. That being said, most of my favourite FPS's incorporate the role (BF2\BF2142, NS2, Iron Grip & Nuclear Dawn)

    Interesting concept. I think there's a whole lot of untapped potential in asymmetric co-op. I think something that blends two totally different game modes (one core, one casual) would allow people to share gaming with people of totally different tastes. For example, you could play a hardcore FPS on your PS4, while your girlfriend plays a tower defense game on her iPhone, but the difficulty of enemies in the FPS is dependent on how good your GF is playing. Or a SimCity style resource manager/city-builder, where your city is defended by your friend commanding an army in a RTS.

    Not that this is anything like it, but this just makes me want a new Enemy Territory game for some reason.

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