Keyboardist Makes Up Music For Random Video Game Stuff

Meet Seth Everman. He’s internet famous and posts a lot of stuff online, including weird musical experiments like this one.

There are a tone of re-occurring motifs in gaming that don’t really make any sense.

Racing mini games, start menu themes, that water level you keep dying on for no good reason — if you described what a video game was to someone who had never played one before, they would probably never imagine any of this stuff, and yet to those of us who have been mashing buttons in front of bright screens since we first learned object permanence, they are all intuitively recognisable.

Hence Everman’s latest video, “music genre: video game 2.” It’s a sequel to last year’s massively popular “music genre: video game,” and which he says in the video description is “just as bad.”

He’s been doing this kind of thing for a while, and people love it because of how it captures some of those ineffable experiences you have over and over again in games with such acute, melodic clarity.

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