Kiwis Will Get Amnesia Collection On PS Plus, Once It's Been Rated

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For those with a PS+ account, it's been one of the better months of the year. Along with Metal Gear Solid 5, PS+ users also got the indie horror Amnesia: Collection bundle.

Unless you lived in New Zealand, that is.

Last week, our gaming friends across the Tasman started raising questions. The new games for PS+ subscribers had been made available, but Amnesia: Collection was nowhere to be seen. A few threads rose on the official PlayStation forums, and a couple of readers got in touch to ask what was going on.

As it turns out, the problem was one of classification. Not long after the threads were started, Sony posted an update explaining the situation:

Amnesia: The Collection will be available in New Zealand as part of this month’s PS Plus game selection once it’s been classified (date TBC). As a result its PS Plus promotion will be extended, so New Zealand players will still have a full five weeks to add it to their collection from when it goes live.

It's interesting, considering that being able to sell unrated games is part of the reason why some titles have appeared on PSN in Australia, but not Xbox Live. Nonetheless, it's nice that Kiwi gamers will still get their full bang for buck.

At the time of writing, only Amnesia: The Dark Descent has a rating on the Office of Film and Literature Classification website. It's not known when the board will make a ruling on the whole package (which is just both Amnesia games in one), but it should have straight forward given that The Dark Descent already has an R rating.


    This sort of thing happens quite often. Games wont get submitted for NZ classification until they have been in Australia due to the market being so small. Seems pretty silly for a PSPlus game though. Just want to add R16 is very different to an Australian R18. It's much more akin to MA15+.

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