Let's Check Out The Mini SNES

Thanks to the glory that is Australia Post, we finally have a Mini SNES. Time to find out how bad I am at SNES platformers.

We'll be livestreaming some of the 21 games from the Mini SNES (20 if you haven't finished the first level of Star Fox). Jump in, let us know what you'd like to see, and ask us any questions you'd like!


    Got mine on Saturday, but barely had a chance to use it yet apart from a quick bash on Super Mario World and Super Punch Out.

    It's a rude shock going back to wired controllers, I'll tell you that much.

    It's been a fair while, but the controller doesn't feel quite right. It's a bit lighter than the original snes controller, right?

    Dpad feels ok.

    I was wondering about the weight of the pad too - does anyone have an original to compare? I'm obviously (sigh - much) older now so memory is foggy but feel like I could crush these without blinking if I press too hard? :D

    Mmmm I agree. The controllers don't feel or respond right. In Super Mario WORLD (a game I've played TO DEATH over the course of my life) I found it really difficult to run jump and then re jump off stuff. I could do it without holding down the run button. Feels almost like a keyboard that wont register too many keys being held down.

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      It could be that the game ROMs used are all NTSC or American version as opposed to the PAL/European version you might be used to. Timing and muscle memory have a bit of an adjustment period.

      You've played it to death but haven't yet realised its actually called Super Mario World?

    Oh god all these comments are making me wonder :P
    Haven't opened mine yet, but will be breaking out the scales once I do. Also makes me wonder whether these are any different to the Club Nintendo SNES Classic Controllers they did years back.

    I didn't get a chance to get a NES or SNES mini... The best I have been able to find is that the NES classic may be coming back sometime in 2018 and the SNES classic might have more stock around the holiday period in the US.

    Is that the end of the info?

      There's no confirmed specifics on second/future runs for the Mini NES/Mini SNES just yet, sorry!

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