Marvel’s Explanation About Why Avengers Tower Doesn’t Appear On Netflix Shows Is A Load Of Crap

Marvel’s Explanation About Why Avengers Tower Doesn’t Appear On Netflix Shows Is A Load Of Crap

I like Jeph Loeb. Nice guy. Knows how to work up a crowd and you can tell that he truly loves working as the head of Marvel’s television arm and will defend it to the death. But when Loeb was recently pressed about some of Marvel TV’s… weaker elements, he balked and gave one of the most ridiculous answers possible.

Image: Marvel Studios

Even though all of Marvel’s movies and television shows technically take place within the same universe, if you’ve ever watched any of Netflix’s street-level-hero dramas, you know the great lengths the shows go to in order to avoid directly mentioning basically anything that happens on the silver screen.

New York was invaded by aliens and, yet, to watch Daredevil and Foggy Nelson strolling around Hell’s Kitchen, you’d think nothing had ever happened. Up until very recently, the Avengers all hung out in a massive tower in midtown Manhattan with a huge A on it — a building that, were it real, would be impossible to miss if you were walking through the neighbourhood. And yet not once has the Avengers Tower appeared in any of Netflix’s shows.

The conspicuously missing tower came up during a recent interview with Inverse and, like a true company man, Loeb tried to make the artful argument that the way NYC is depicted in the MCU isn’t meant to be experienced like a real city. We’re supposed to get the impression that Netflix’s characters are running around in the… idea of a similar place.

Said Loeb:

“In many ways, being less specific helps the audience understand that this could be on any street corner. Where we’re sitting right now, I can see the Empire State Building, but if we were sitting 30 blocks that way, I wouldn’t be able to see the Empire State Building. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means that we can’t see it from where we are.”

Loeb has a point that not every major NYC landmark is visible from every part of the city and Netflix’s charcaters do spend a fair amount of time running around boroughs far from midtown. That being said, there are a number of places depicted in the Netflix shows that are literally blocks away from the Avengers tower — so close that there’s no way in hell that we shouldn’t be able to see it.

In the Age of Ultron, it’s established that Avengers tower is located just behind Grand Central Terminal. While the tower might be somewhat difficult to see from Hell’s Kitchen where Jessica and Matt Murdock live, we’ve seen Jessica getting off the Bryant Park subway station that’s all of three blocks away from where the tower is.

But hey, maybe Jessica decided to walk in the opposite direction facing away from the tower! That could be the case, but consider the location the Rand Corporation’s headquarters at the corner of 46th street and Vanderbilt ave:


The location is some four blocks away from where Avengers tower is supposed to be and it makes a certain kind of sense that Rand Corporation would own property right around the same area as the building that was once Stark Industries’ main headquarters.

Long story short: It’s not as if Netflix’s characters are never around the place the Avengers tower is supposed to be, but rather that for whatever reason, Marvel and Netflix haven’t decided to cross that particular bridge. The reason why isn’t at all clear, but it will surely be the cause for much speculation for years to come.


  • The whole first season of daredevil is built around rebuilding the city after the alien invasion. It’s mentioned multiple times.

    • Yeah, but always in the most frustrating ways.

      No-one ever actually mentions, “The Hulk,” or “Captain America,” they say, “The big green guy,” or, “The flag-bearer,” or whatever. And it’s jarring as hell.

      It’s basically, “Hey, I know you were invested in this universe, but we’re not actually allowed to let the characters talk as if they were in that universe, so we hope you understand what we’re getting at when we use these code-words,” fourth-wall-breaking bullshit.

      I loved Daredevil/JJ, but it was just… enough to make me want to pull my hair out with frustration whenever they had to speak in code to avoid mentioning significant current events.

      • I completely agree! Maybe they worry that saying ‘The Hulk’ or ‘Captain America’ is a little too childish or brings the tone down.. but too bad, that’s the universe you’ve built, revel in it!!

  • Seems a bit anal to make a fuss about such an insignificant thing. I thought his answer was fine. He basically said, hey it’s make believe idiot.
    If they’re going to complain can’t they make it about how shite Iron Fist is. Maybe vote him out of the Defenders?

    • And then an article was written refuting every one of his points. He’s in a pretty impossible position faced with that level of fandom.

      He should’ve just said “cos we don’t want to.” or “it’s a licensing thing, we don’t have the rights” and just killed it right there.

      • The shows were produced by Marvel Television / ABC Studios, so they should have a lot more freedom than e.g. the shows produced by Fox.

        I think it is more likely to be continued fallout from Marvel Studios being split off from Marvel Comics and out from under Ike Perlmutter’s control. While Television is still a subdivision of Marvel Comics, I suspect they’ve been directed not to do anything that will tie the hands of the film division in the future.

        So e.g. if they decided to do a New Avengers film and recast Luke Cage, they could just say those TV shows were retroactively out of continuity.

          • They obviously could, but have chosen not to. Again, I suspect that this is down to the acrimony between Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics.

    • Are you kidding?!
      Iron Fist is awesome with some solid acting from the cast…..well, as long as Danny and Colleen don’t talk…or move.

      Seriously though, I don’t how a lot of that show made it to post.
      I actually liked him in Defenders, he didn’t have much time to sook about, staring at his hand and blubbering on about destiny.

      • Yes it seems like they heard how popular he was before shooting Defenders but and thank God they made him a bit of a running joke in it.

  • Yeah kinda a non issue. The universe is mentioned without being too obvious of a cash in. A big shot of the avengers tower would just take attention away from the shows themselves in my opinion. Let them do their own thing I say.

  • Unless they do ‘Tourist-Man, the super-powered vacationer who was bitten by a radioactive tourist’, and he’s constantly gawking at the skyline to get a snapshot of them pretty buildings, why should we expect to see the Tower?

    Netflix has always got Fuller House, if anyone needs establishing shots of landmarks.

    • Wait… so the radioactive tourist isn’t “Tourist-Man”, instead it’s the tourist bitten by the radioactive tourist?
      Poor radioactive tourist. They can give powers but has none of their own…

      • No, he’s Man-Tourist because he was a man who became a tourist via radiation. While Tourist-Man is still a man, but with all the powers and abilities of a tourist.

        Look, it all made sense in the Silver Age, okay?

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