Microsoft Presenter Gives Up On Edge, Installs Chrome

Microsoft Presenter Gives Up On Edge, Installs Chrome

What happens when Microsoft Edge fails in the middle of a presentation – and you’re from Microsoft? Apparently, you do what anyone else would do.

You install Chrome instead.

That’s what happened in the middle of a Microsoft Ignite conference, where Microsoft was demonstrating how to migrate to their Azure cloud service. But after waiting a period for Edge to respond, presenter Michael Leworthy (an expat Aussie and director of Microsoft’s Azure business) just gave up and installed Chrome, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

If you want to enjoy the moment in its glory, get some sound and skip to 36:43. “And we’re not going to help make Google better,” the presenter joked.

When in doubt, just get the job done. Even if it’s not with your own software.


  • I’ve seen this happen at MS events before, it’s not completely uncommon but this time they got it on camera – not to take anything away from the article, it’s still funny when it happens 🙂

  • “Do what anyone else does…”

    In my work and through my travels across this wide brown land, I have literally never seen anyone use chrome in any capacity. Is this a localised Sydney thing…?

    • Nah, it’s the default for every tech company I’ve collaborated with in Brisbane. Doesn’t suffer from Firefox’s memory leaks. It breaks less of our shit, too, which is a bonus. Then there’s always that one exception that works the other way and means we need to have both installed (because it’s simply easier to use the other browser for when you need to get shit done than wait until you can fix it in the next sprint).

      But not edge. Never edge. That shit is unashamedly unsupported.

  • I love how Win 10 tells you, “are you sure you want to make chrome your default browser? Edge is better now, really it is, please try me”
    ….Continue to install chrome

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