Microsoft’s Remaking The Intellimouse

Microsoft’s Remaking The Intellimouse

Image: Microsoft

One of the first optical mice and one of the most legendary peripherals in gaming, the Microsoft Intellimouse – of all things – is coming back.

Microsoft had plenty of announcements today: their mixed reality headsets (although the Samsung HMD isn’t coming to Australia), a new Surface Book with GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 GPUs, and the latest Creator’s Update for Windows 10.

But amongst all of that, buried on their website, was the return of a gaming icon: the Microsoft Intellimouse optical mice.

There’s no release date, and no price either. But Microsoft says the refreshed classic will be inspired by the Intellimouse 3.0 (rather than the smaller and lighter 1.1a, with its two massive side buttons).

“The new Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse has exceptional tracking and the firm scroll wheel that fans loved about the original,” the listing says. “Tracking is now even more precise with a DPI range up to 3200.”

I’ve still got a working Intellimouse at home, actually, but scrolling around your desktop with a maximum of 400 DPI is a right pain in the arse. There’s no word on whether it’ll have the exact same button configuration as the original gaming mice, but you’d imagine there will be some kind of in-built software.

The 3200 DPI limit indicates that the new Intellimouse will use an optical sensor as well (rather than laser), which is all good news. As soon as I can get my hands on one, I’ll let you know how it is. There’s a reason I’ve kept an Intellimouse 3.0 and 1.1a in my cupboard for all these years, after all.


  • Thank God. The old Intellimouse variants were good, no-frills hardware for a good, no-frills price. These days they’ve been pumping out laggy-as-fuck garbage that’s left me no choice but to buy high-end gaming mice for anything even remotely responsive on big picture mode.

    • Logitech G502 – the best mouse I’ve ever owned. The Intellimouse of yore was a fantastic little thing.

      I went through the same revelation a few years back when I bought a Microsoft optical mouse. I thought I was getting a low end, non-flashy product so I could get on with my gaming. My hand was pissed, my gaming was pissed, my neighbor was pissed when the mouse ended up in his backyard.

      Shifted to gaming mice and never looked back.

  • I have a sculpt for work and it has a god awful sensor in it. Pretty much needs a mouse mat to use it because it hates my white non gloss desk. Brought my own MX Master from home. Hopefully they can do a better job in this!

  • My MS Intellimouse has outlived all of my razer and logitech products combined and i havnt exactly been gentle with it either.
    This mouse needs to be in a hardware hall of fame

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