Nintendo Makes One Final Miiverse Community To Say Goodbye

Goodbye, Miiverse, you beautiful, mutant thing.

If you're a Nintendo fan, it's hard not to get a little emotional about it. The Miiverse was a great expanse for small, lonely shouts into the abyss that is Nintendo's communication infrastructure. Sometimes, we saw great, well-rendered gestures of love for dear Nintendo characters like Splatoon's Callie. Other times, posts were very dark and full of upsetting innuendo.

Today, Nintendo launched a final community for fans to mourn the going-away of the Miiverse.

On the Miiverse home page, it's listed as a "special community" for players to share their memories and thoughts about the Miiverse. Right now, it's full of tears and pleads stick around. Take a look and post your own Miiverse goodbyes the comments:


    God that Mario one, existential crisis right there.

    It's very sad that Nintendo will be shutting down Miiverse next month but it was fun though seeing the great Miiverse chats Nintendo fans are posting which are always cute and nice to see. Goodbye Miiverse we'll miss you and your posts.
    R.I.P Miiverse.

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