Nioh Is Coming To PC

Nioh Is Coming To PC

Nioh, a beloved samurai action game that came out earlier this year for PS4, is coming to PC this November, complete with all the downloadable content that publisher Koei Tecmo has released so far.

The PC version will also have “enhanced graphical modes,” Koei Tecmo says.

Nioh came out on February 8 for PS4, and will be out on November 7 for PC, so presumably Sony paid for a nine-month exclusivity window. Kotaku called it “one of the best action titles in years“.

Anyone who buys Nioh on PC will get a special item that sure does seem appropriate for the Steam release:


  • i have one question and only one question about this game. Does it have the same controls as Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen, the Surge and Bloodborne, or are they like Dragons Dogma or Dynasty Warriors.

    I ask because if the controls are the same as Dark Souls, i will not be picking it up

    • @thyco Same as Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

      Very difficult, but very precise and rewarding. Honestly, it’s the only non-Miyazaki “soul-inspired” which approaches the same level of quality. Really excited to see it on PC, as it all looked a bit washed out, even on PS4 Pro.

      Obviously answering this as much for other people as for yourself – as it’s clearly not going to be for you. But for anyone out there who likes Dark Souls and is interested in Nioh… all I can say is this is a game you won’t want to miss.

      • dang thats a shame, i would love to play it but i just cant get use the control set up that Souls games use. I have no issue with difficulty or being precise, its all the controls that stop me.

        I tried to play Dark Souls 1 but couldnt get into it and though it was just because of the poor porting ( i respect that it was From Softwares first time working on PC) so i gave DS 2 a try and had the same issue. Same issue with Lords of the Fallen so never bothered with DS 3 or the Surge

        • @thyco Oh, then you’re in luck.

          DS1 requires modding to work, but still feels janky with KB+M.
          DS2 is terrible to be honest. Not a fan. Still feels odd with KB+M.
          LOTF is just a cumbersome game. I couldn’t get into it on console even.

          Which brings me to the good news…

          DS3 runs beautifully with KB+M. Super responsive on PC. I actually prefer KB+M to controller.
          The Surge is also a huge step up from LOTF in control scheme. Very playable.. but I spent so much time playing DS3 recently that I needed a break. It’s in my library, although now I might wait to play Nioh before going back to it.

          So yeah – my advice is to keep an eye out for a DS3 sale on Steam. And get excited about Nioh 🙂

  • Yesssssss!

    Is that helmet for real or joke? Surely a ‘Steam joke’

    Now come on ‘From’… release Bloodbourne on PC!!!

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