Okami HD Hits Steam On December 13

Image: Okami HD

One of the games I've always wanted to get a PC release from the Wii has been Okami. And on December 13, I'll get my wish.

Rumours about Okami getting a HD re-release were kicking around earlier this year, and a few weeks ago Capcom confirmed it all. It's not coming to the Switch, but modern consoles are getting a run, as is the PC.

Something neat that Capcom has done - and it really should be a setting that Steam enables for developers - is fill out the release box with region specific dates for Asia, Australia, Japan, Europe and the United States:

There's no system requirements on the page, although all the screenshots are in 4K. The description also notes that you can play the game in 4:3, widescreen, and the "interactive loading game screens from the original" are included too.

Images: Okami HD/Capcom

Here's the link to the Steam page, if you want to add the game to your wishlist and keep track of updates.


    Bought it on the Wii, but never got around to playing it. So then I traded that in and downloaded it from the PS store when it came out on PS3... and never got around to playing it.

    Looks like I'll be buying it again on the PS4. Hopefully third time's the charm!

      Oh man, the brush mechanics were great on the wii!

      Also, weird that this article doesn't mention that it's from the PS2. The wii version was a port, why reference that (apart from that it was the best version).

    Loved it on PS2, one of the great games from that console's glorious last couple of years before the PS3 came out.

    I don't think I'd go back for more, there are too many good games around that I haven't played yet. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it yet, though.

    I played a few hours on the PS3, I wish I had of picked it up on the Wii or had PS Move, the brush mechanics annoyed me with a standard PS controller so I never ended up finishing it. I was hoping Switch might get it with touch controls.

    Of course it's not coming out on Switch, since Capcom is determined to pretend this year's fastest-selling console doesn't exist for some unknown reason.

      Kinda not true isn't it? There are quite a few Capcom titles on switch.

        What is there other than Yet Another SFII?

          Resident evil revelation is coming and Japan have monster Hunter xx.

            A port and a Japan-exclusive doesn't exactly sound like "quite a few" :P

              :P at least better than saying none.

              But I agree Okami HD would be great on Switch.

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