One Of CD Projekt RED's First Games Was Ace Ventura

Image: Ace Ventura/IMDB

CD Projekt RED are best known for their work with The Witcher. But well before Geralt was brought to life, the studio made a milestone localising Western games into Polish - and one of the first games they localised was Ace Ventura.

The story of how CD Projekt RED got started is covered in six-part series by Noclip, the first episode of which went live this week. It goes into the history of the Polish developer with CDR's co-founder Marcin Iwinski, as well as his own roots in the Polish gaming scene.

Iwinski also talked about the initial development stages of the first Witcher, and how CDR licensed the Neverwinter Nights engine from Bioware.

A lot of gamers are familiar with the picture of CDR's first booth at E3. What most gamers won't know is that that booth was actually part of Bioware's booth, a corner the RPG studio allowed the Polish developers to use after demoing The Witcher to them on the NWN engine.

Incredibly jealous, and possibly a crucial step in going from Geralt, to Ciri, and soon to Cyberpunk 2077. You can catch up on more Noclip documentaries here.


    I would like to play a Ace Ventura game where the purpose is to park the car like Ace. It should have bullet time & instant replay.

    Back when Jim wasn't burnt out, the good old days...

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