Pixar's Cars Gets Real And Freaky In Japan 

This is a Suzuki Twin with a deeply disturbing "smile bumper" (スマイルバンバー or sumairu banpaa) that probably should not exist. But yet, it does.

[Image: Yahoo! Auctions]

While I've never seen one in real-life here in Japan, these bumpers do sometimes pop up in online auctions.

[Image: masa_aoyagi]

[Image: masa_aoyagi]

[Image: Yahoo! Auctions]

They appear to be made in Saitama, Japan, so for now, the smile bumpers might be coming out of a single custom body shop.

They have been spotted on Twitter and Instagram.

本日のミーティング風景その2✌️? #スズキツイン #スマイルバンパー #カマロ

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So, it seems, this isn't a widespread trend and THANK GOD FOR THAT.


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