PlayStation’s Latest Sale Is Pretty Damn Good

PlayStation’s Latest Sale Is Pretty Damn Good

If you haven’t picked up Horizon Zero Dawn yet, or have been holding out on Uncharted 4 for some reason, both those games – and a whole lot more – are at least half price on PSN right now.

The deal, which you can access through your console or direct through the PlayStation website, mostly focuses on PlayStation exclusives. Bloodborne, God of War 3 and WipEout Omega Collection are all going for under $25, and you can even grab recent releases like Nioh and The Last Guardian for around $30.

Here’s the full list. Prices are in Aussie dollars.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture: $8.95
Uncharted 1/2/3 Remastered: $11.95 ea.
Bound: $11.95
The Order 1886: $12.45
LocoRoco Remastered: $12.65
Patapon Remastered: $14.95
Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls: $17.95
Until Dawn: $17.95
God of War 3 Remastered: $19.45
WipEout Omega Collection: $20.15
Uncharted 4: $24.95
Bloodborne: $24.95
Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection: $24.95
The Last Guardian: $26.95
Nioh: $30.95 Horizon Zero Dawn: $39.95

Solid mix. Nioh for $30 is a great price and it’s hard to pass up the Nathan Drake trilogy at $25 if you enjoy those kind of narrative action-adventures. And WipEout is a steal at that price, too.

There’s also discounts on a ton of PS3 games and remastered classics if you dig through the store. I’d advise doing that on the browser rather than through the console, though.


  • PSA: don’t buy Nioh as there is a GOTY edition on the horizon.

    Also, there are some nice PS Vita deals as well, including White Knight Chronicles Origins for $4.55 and Malicious Rebirth for $5.95.

    Gravity Rush 2 for $25!

    • What does the DLC cost, though? If the game is $30 on sale compared to $90 or whatever the GOTY version goes for, it might still be cheaper to buy the game and DLC (assuming you actually want the DLC) separately.

      • The digital deluxe edition (which is almost exactly what the ‘complete’ edition is going to be – although you get a soundtrack CD and strategy guide with the physical version) is currently on sale for $54.95.

        If you get the base game plus season pass it will set you back $48.90 on sale.

        So either way, you are looking at a decent deal as long as you want to go digital rather than physical.

    • Malicious is anything but a good game. Save your money before spending it on that turkey. I learnt the hard way and listened to the hype, bought the PS3 version day one and regretted it after 20 minutes

      • Agree about the PS3 version. Apparently the Vita version is better in many respects. I thought it worth $5 to give it a try. Also, gotta support Vita games (even if on sale).


  • Yeah but they just announced a Horizon Complete Edition with the expansion and all the content from the digital deluxe release.
    So hold out until that is <$30 imo 😉

    • I just finished Horizon on Monday night.

      Fantastic game, but it took me about 60 hours and that was enough for me – I won’t be buying the expansion.

      So speaking for myself, the base game in this sale looks like much better value than the Complete Edition.

  • Since going fully digital with my PS4, these sales are the only time I buy games now.
    Will pick up wipeout now that it’s a more reasonable price!
    Pile of shame, power up!

    • I too am mostly digital. But I do worry what happens when the servers are shut down and I can’t DL those games I paid for :/

  • Horizon and Bloodborne are must plays!!! Could see them both being on the average “10 best games this generation” list

  • Horizon is still my favourite game of this year. Nioh is also absolutely fantastic. Its games like these that really show how fucking stupid exclusivity is considering the number of people who will miss out and never play them…..

    • I would argue that Horizon is an example of an exclusive done right. Produced in house by the hardware maker in an effort to differentiate their product from their competition.

  • Was I the only one that was bothered by the fact that Horizon: Zero Dawn was filled with black male NPC’s that were clearly voiced by small-in-stature white men? Not all of them, but still.

    Give me the soothing, sultry baritone of a black man’s voice if it’s a black man you’re going to have Aloy meet. Sona and her son were rad, though. Badass all ’round, there.

    Real point: Buy Horizon: Zero Dawn – The only console exclusive this gen that made me buy the respective console and I don’t regret it. Also, it’s a fuckin’ beauty on PS4 Pro and a 4k TV.

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