Pokemon Go Introduces New Ghost Types This Month, Rest Of Gen Three In December

From October 20th to November 2nd, you'll find some spooky new friends in Pokemon Go. It's not full-on gen three yet, but hey: new faces!

Here's the trailer, where you'll spot Hoenn-region critters like Sableye and Banette. And, as always, there will be a new type of Pikachu to capture:

Additionally, during this event, rewards will be doubled and players will also be able to collect Mimikyu's Disguise Hat.

Those of you itching for the whole roster of next-generation Pokemon will have to wait a little longer, though: Niantic says gen three will gradually start around December.


    Interesting to see that everything in the trailer has the AR mode turned off. Does anyone still use it?

    I'm offically done with Pokemon Go (not a sledge against it, it held my interest longer than any game aught), but if there was an AR game like this but solely based around hunting ghosts, I'd pick it up in a second.

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