Popular PUBG Streamer Apologises After Falsely Accusing Player Of Hacking

Popular PUBG Streamer Apologises After Falsely Accusing Player Of Hacking

Shroud, one of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ most popular streamers, isn’t somebody who loses very often. A former Counter-Strike pro, he’s rarely outsmarted or outgunned. It’s not uncommon to see would-be rivals try to level the playing field with hacks. Every once in a while, he calls out cheaters on stream. Recently, however, he seems to have gotten the wrong guy. Today, he partially apologised for that.

During a match a couple days ago, Shroud ate a small cannon volley’s worth of lead the second he peeked his head around a corner. “Two cheaters there,” he said afterward. One of them, he claimed, used speed hacks and was named Go_Bang.

In a post yesterday on the PUBG subreddit, however, Go_Bang (via a friend’s account) claimed he definitely wasn’t a cheater, but that now he’s being treated like one.

“I found myself in a game with Shroud,” he wrote. “I have never stream sniped, this was purely coincidence. I didn’t even shoot Shroud. He was killed by hackers.”

He also posted a video of the match from his perspective:

He played well, but not in any way that would suggest speed-hacking, which involves moving far more quickly than should be possible in the game, and at one point he even witnessed somebody else kill Shroud and made a surprised remark about it. Go_Bang did manage to kill the player who ended up killing one of the actual hackers, which put his name in the game’s killfeed shortly after Shroud’s death. That could be why Shroud thought Go_Bang was a hacker.

Since then, Go_Bang claims his account has been reported “hundreds of times” by Shroud’s viewers. It’s a claim that sounds audacious until you realise that Shroud has over a million followers on Twitch, and thousands tune in every day to watch him stream. Go_Bang is now worried about facing consequences for something he says he didn’t even do.

“I’m not sure if this will result in a ban,” Go_Bang wrote. “I think people with audiences this large need to be more careful about their accusations.”

In a stream today, Shroud addressed the incident, saying that while he partially apologizes, he also thinks it was a “misunderstanding” and blames the game for the way things played out. He added that he doesn’t think people will get in trouble if he calls them cheaters, as long as they’re actually innocent. “The devs don’t falsely ban people,” he said. “They’re gonna look into it, see if [a player] is cheating, see that he’s not cheating, and [say] ‘OK, cool’ and move on.”

In addition, Shroud offered to play with Go_Bang as consolation for the trouble he’s been though. In response, Go_Bang said he appreciated the gesture, but “graciously declined,” adding that he thinks Shroud is “a fantastic streamer with one of the better attitudes on Twitch.”

“My only intention in making the post was to have it on public record that I’m in fact not a cheater,” Go_Bang said in an email to Kotaku. “I plan on playing for top 100 ranks next season, and I don’t want my gamesmanship to be questioned.”


  • It’s not the first time that this dickhead has falsely called out players as cheats either. He needs a ban himself.

    • He’s a character, plus he apologised anyway.

      More importantly this dude LEFT BEHIND A BETTER BACKPACK CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

  • its like listening to Surefour play Overwatch. Everything is ALWAYS everyone elses fault.

  • So I just want to transcribe that “partial apology” you linked to: The guys that killed me was the cheater, which wasn’t the cheater, it was someone else that killed me. But I couldn’t have known that because the way everything worked out it made it seem 100% like the cheater killed me. But I couldn’t have known that. Really.
    So I was like “WTF happened? Did I just get cheated? Alright, I guess he’s cheating.” You know, something like that happened. And then for some reason it’s the top of Reddit. But people understand, so it’s cool. It’s not like anyone’s fucking blaming me for it. It was just like a misunderstanding, I guess. A very easy misunderstanding.
    Everyone told me to apologise for it, which I kinda did, but at the same time I’m not taking full responsibility for that because that’s the games fault, okay? That’s the game. It’s, you know…
    like, it’s just… It’s just everything went the way of the game and it caused me to get fucked.
    Seriously what the fuck was that nonsense? That is in no way an apology.

    • Tell ya what sport, why don’t you come and play a pity match with me, maybe some crumbs of popularity will fall from my glorious coat….

      …..you’re welcome…

  • Why do some many people hold streamers up like they are celebrities or worth listening to?
    It’s rather insane.
    Anyway, I’m gonna go enjoy playing some games rather than be a vicarious spectator.

    • Sometimes when you put someone on the spot, on camera, in front of 30,000 people, they can mix their words up.

  • There is only 2 rules with online gaming

    If the other team is doing well they are hackers
    If your team is playing badly they are all noobs.

    • Hahaha and these reasons need to asserted like a 12 year old with lots of swearing and harassment and homophobia. It’s just how it’s done people!

  • What the fuck is wrong with people drawn to this genre who seem convinced they are utterly infallible. I’ll accept that there is rampant cheating but for that to be your go-to excuse every time you get outplayed? Pull your heads out of your asses and relax a little because the world isn’t going to end if you lose a round every now and then.


  • Twitch streamer in entitled ego joyride shocker. The whole culture of Twitch is messed up and if it was anywhere other than online it would have been shut down by media laws years ago.

    • Probably because of the number of viewers. A couple million people do pretty much anything and it’s probably news.

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