Pro Gamer Loses Contract After He Livestreams Domestic Violence Incident [UPDATE]

Chinese League of Legends team Newbee has cut ties with pro Li "Vasilii" Wei Jun after he livestreamed a domestic abuse incident with his girlfriend, and was reportedly called in by the police.

During Li's stream session, according to a translation via Reddit, his girlfriend points out that he is too serious when he plays, and that everyone is watching him and might say something bad about him because of it.

Li pushes his webcam over before confronting her. The video shows Li knocking over a desk and its contents, as well as sounds of someone or something being hit, and crying.

Note: The following video contains loud audio of the incident.

After some time, police reportedly approach Li during his stream and ask him to come to the station.

Newbee, Li's team, announced today that it had ended his contract with them.

In the past, Li emotionally rage-quit during a match and said his poor performance was due to indulging "sensual pleasures".

UPDATE (October 31, 12:27PM AEST): In a statement on Chinese social media site Weibo, Li’s girlfriend stated that while Li broke things, “he did not beat me”. According to her, “[Li] was very agitated and started smashing stuff. He smashed everything around him and said some really bad stuff!”

She said she later sent her friend a WeChat message to call the police. “I wanted to protect myself,” she wrote. “At the time I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I was really afraid. I didn’t know how any of this could happen. Even after the police arrived, he was still livestreaming and cursing at me!” She said she has since broken up with Li.


    You can't even hear anything in that video over the sound of distortion anytime there is sound broadcasting.

    After this article I'm waiting for another on how to throw your controller.

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    This comment is not available.

    The word "f--kwit" comes to mind. He merely proved her point, in the end, acting like a total dickhead and now people are saying bad things about him.

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