PUBG Is About To Break 2 Million Peak Players

Image: PUBG

There used to be a time when having a million peak players was a magical target. That's small fry for PUBG however, which over the last 24 hours has broken Steam's record for peak users.

At any given hour of the day, Steam has several million active users around the world. At its peak over the last few days, that figure sits at around 16 million.

It's a useful figure for context, the context being that PUBG has nearly hit a peak concurrent players of 1.96 million:

Image: Steam Stats

Steam Charts says the peak player base in the last 30 days is just above 1.98 million, a few hundred thousand more than the peak in September (1.55 million).

For some added context, consider this. Last year, Valve told the Federal Court that there were 2.2 million Australian Steam accounts. It's doubtful that all of those accounts are individual accounts - plenty of people have multiple logins, usernames and so forth.

But it's helpful to illustrate the sheer size of PUBG. It's the kind of figures you used to hear bandied about in the same sentence as World of Warcraft and free-to-play MOBAs. That said, it's not the only Battle Royale style game to have a lot of success lately:

Fortnite doesn't cost $US30 to get to the main menu, mind you.


    Deserves all it's success. Fortnite BR is also pretty good, will have to jump back into it now they have duos.

      I didn't think duo's were available in Oceania yet.

    Grats To PUGB. PUBG is another one of those games where i dont really want to play it. But i love watching others play it.

      I watched a few streams of PUBG and couldn't get into it, but two streams of Fortnight BR and I instantly understood why the mode is so popular. They were a duo and squad stream respectively, and showed how they took the squad mentality of a Rainbow Six style game to a whole new level.

      Strange how two games doing the same thing can reflect so differently. Like you, I don't really want to play it (my reflexes and eyesight just couldn't do it) but it was great to watch a good squad go at it.

    First shooter in years I've actually gotten into.

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