Road Redemption, As Told By Steam Reviews

Say Road Rash and you'll trigger a wave of nostalgia in a ton of gamers. But it's been 17 years since the last official Road Rash release, and few indies have come close to replicating the motorbike belting madness of the Mega Drive classic. So enter stage left, Road Redemption.

Unlike the original Road Rash, Road Redemption is a motorcycle action game for up to four players in splitscreen co-op. The overarching story is that you're chasing down an assassin of a weapons cartel, and you're effectively racing to knock off the assassin first.

And from there, it's more or less a modern indie Road Rash. The game's sitting at a 84% user rating from just over 2500 reviews since the game's release earlier this month.

Users have praised the game for nailing the fun aspect of the concept - violent street racing - and a decent progression system, without abandoning the spirit of the original. The co-op support and campaign received plaudits, and some also enjoyed how Road Redemption wasn't overcomplicated with mechanics and systems.

On the flipside, one of the main criticisms is that Road Redemption doesn't really cut the mustard as a true Road Rash successor. The graphics and models were also criticised for being outdated, while complaints were levelled against the performance and general optimisations. Some also complained about a lack of substance.

Here's what users are saying about Road Redemption:


    PSA: This game goes well with beer.

      Does it replace pretzels and/or peanuts entirely?

    I'll probably grab it at some point I guess. If it had glowing reviews, or the ability to save and buy an upgraded bike etc like the original Road Rash games, I'd be more interested.

      You can unlock perks after each playthrough (its like a talent tree) that do persist, if that helps.

    i bought this when it was early access and a bairly functioning mess, i had fun with it, but i havnt touched it in a couple of years. time to jump back in by the looks of it and re-install it.

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