Road Redemption’s Motorcycle Violence Reminds Me Of A Kid From High School

Road Redemption is the Kickstarted love-labour of some guys who realised EA was never going to bring back Road Rash. It perfects Road Rash‘s idea (“it’s hilarious to swing heavy objects at stuff while riding a motorcycle”) by adding modern hotness: random tracks, unlockables, splitscreen co-op and all that stuff.

It just so happens that I used to know a kid who thought Road Rash was “The Best Game Ever, dude.” I could write maybe 13,000 words about him. I don’t have time to do that today, so instead I made a video in which you can look at this sweet new game while I tell you a little bit about my personal experience being a teenager in the 1990s.


  • I’m enjoying this game quite a bit 🙂 Great little casual romp.
    Also, the vid says there’s no demons. Well, it’s kinda true… but there is a character you can unlock who’s essentially Ghost Rider… and he’s… kind of a demon 😉

  • Oh man, awesome game. I hope EA don’t bring their lawyers in over some copyright thing because it’s too similar.

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