Nobody grabbed Friday's game! It's a bit hard to do a second clue for: it was from the original You Don't Know Jack games. But there aren't too many buttons and icons to copy, so a new game it is.

Good luck!


    Looks like an elevator switch from a fps.

    System Shock 2.

      Hmm don't think so. the Tri-Op logo is just a chevron with stripes. Doesn't resemble a T?

    I know that icon, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of pickup/powerup in a game rather than a HUD element...but I can't think of the game.

    I look at it and see a logo patch I'd expect to see on the upper arm of an enemy. Looks familiar but can't place it if that's what it is.

    I know I know it somewhere in my brain cave but can't recall it. Going to take a wild guess at jet force gemini.

    I seem to remember it on some superhero MMO.... broforce?

    Looks ALMOST but not quite like the logo in Freedom Force vs the Third Reich

    I know this one! It’s the regional coin design for Tostarena in Super Mario Odyssey!!!!! So much hype!

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