So, I was a bit cheeky with yesterday's ScribbleTaku. As Johnpond1989 guessed, it was from Super Mario Odyssey. Tad unfair given the game isn't out yet, but people are hyped enough that I figured someone would recognise it.

So as a mea culpa of sorts, here's a game that's a little more recognisable.

Good luck!


    The stupid hand sign for Australian Super. Well the top half of the picture anyway.....

      Damnit, beat me to it. I think its the Fashion Industry one myself, that's clearly the girls belt buckle.

        Sad how our minds get imprinted isn't it?? Could be a wrestling title belt, and that of course, is essential fashion sense!

          I thought it was funny myself :) Just an example of effective advertising.

          Not sure the Australian Wrestling Federation is part of an Industry Superfund by the way. Or maybe they are, the standard neck wrench/twist would have the hands in that sort of position.

          Subliminal advertising!

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