Shadow Of War's PC Download Is Nearly 100 GB

Hoping to play noted orc dating/shaming simulator Shadow of War on PC when it launches early tomorrow? You'll probably want to start pre-loading it asap.

By default, the Steam download of Shadow of War weighs in at a whopping 97.7 GB, making it one of the largest game downloads on the platform in recent memory. To put that in perspective, Shadow of War's download on PS4 is 36.43 GB, according to Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo. Larger games on Steam, meanwhile, tend to land in the 30-50 GB range, while smaller games can be anything from a few hundred MB to a handful of GB.

Interestingly, it seems that the Steam version includes 4K video content by default, which explains some of the bulk. You can opt out of it, but only after you've started the download. That brings the PC version down to around 65 GB. Even if you download 4K video on PS4, however, that download is only 63.93 GB, according to IGN's Dan Stapleton.

It's not entirely clear why the PC version of Shadow of War is so large. Some have speculated that it includes higher-resolution textures on top of everything else, while others think it might just be a compression thing. Regardless, it's a big one. Your hard drive, much like your life, will soon be occupied by a mess of orcs.


    This isn't surprising, there seems to be a lot of graphic assets and my guess is that there is absolutely no compression on those files so that potato pcs can play.

    That's strange...I did the pre-load thing on Sunday and it was 65GB. I didn't opt out of anything.

    Hopefully there isn't another 30GB waiting for me on launch day.

      About the same on PS4 as well, and that included 4K cinematics.

      The rest are free optional downloads. Check the DLC section.

    If they include 4k videos in the download, It is most likely it comes with uncompressed textures as well. They did it with the first one and there was a huge optional download of high resolution texture that was completely mad in size.

    Needless to say the game looks beautiful with it.

    My PC download was 60ish GB? Maybe it recognises I don't have a 4K monitor so I don't get the 4K textures

      If its anything like R6, it starts the download after you select the "Ultra" settings in game, since they are the hi res textures, which were about 22gb for that alone.

        They're optional downloads in the DLC section. Misleading headline

    Tip: Its 0GB if you don't buy that critically panned money grab that aims to nickle and dime the ending behind a microtransaction barrier

    Remember that Shadow of Mordor was a ugly brown looking game?, I can't imagine this looking that visually impressive & as my experience playing Shadow of Mordor on ps3 was dreadful as the game was buggy as sh*T, I'd question how well this game is made as it's a Warner published game after all. I mean No disrespect to the fans Shadow of War or to the fans of lootbox's.

      Wasn't the PS3/X360 port of the game a cut down version handled by another studio? It was even missing the nemesis system that was the unique selling point of the game. That doesn't seem like the fairest version to use as a comparison.

        It had the Nemesis system, Plus there were some great games with more intricate gameplay mechanics then Shadow of Mordor. Plus Arkham Knight's pc version was handle by another studio & published by Warner, The fact that you pay hard earned cash for these products that didn't work as intended wether or not it was another studio doesn't excuse the fact that their products were published in a subpar state. By what your saying about comparisons, Why was the game released if the older gen couldn't handle it? A cash grab?.

          From Wikipedia:

          "Monolith focused on developing the game's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, with development of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions outsourced to Behaviour Interactive. Although the game's core gameplay mechanics, story and narrative are unchanged in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ports, some features (such as the Nemesis system) are less complex than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. According to the game's developer, the Nemesis system was too large for older consoles."

          So I was wrong about the Nemesis system being missing, but it sounds like you were playing a simplified version of the game compared to most people. I don't think it really makes sense to compare it with PC ports though: here you've got a game that was developed for systems with 8 GB of RAM that has been ported down to a system with 256 MB of system RAM (plus 256 MB VRAM). Something's going to have to be compromised in that kind of port.

            Was the same game lol, Your making out that the Pc version was an entirely different experience which is beyond ridiculous, Crysis 3 may have looked better on pc but at it's core it was the same game on ps3, Skyrim had save game memory issues on Ps3 due to the limited Ram, Would you honestly say the Nemesis system was more intricate than the entirety of Skyrim because it sounds like your making out the pc version of Mordor to be a mechanical masterpiece of gameplay mechanics.

            "Although the games core gameplay mechanics, Story & narrative are unchanged" Same game dude less Randomly generated assets for Nemesis system but overall, Same game.

              Here's a couple of reviews that note the differences in the versions of the game:


              They both note that the Nemesis system had been noticeably simplified, both in terms of the random variation in the orc captains you encounter and the AI. They also mention encountering bugs in the game not present in the PC/PS4/Xbone versions of the game.

              So I'd stand by my statement that the version you played is not representative of what most other people experienced.

                You may be right as i more or less think the sum of all parts combine to make a boring tepid game, I don't see the Nemesis system as being as good as everyone thinks, Example, You could close your eyes In combat & still not die, If you didn't die then you had no Nemesis so the game just randomly assigns one to you, But if you can get your monies worth out of the series then thats great, I'm getting old & bitter lol peace man.

    Loved Shadow of Mordor.

    Not buying this out of protest of the predatory MT practice being employed.

    Too many other games around at the present.

    SoM was 40gig and Wolfenstein:TNO was 50gigs

    Yet another excuse to pass up this consumer-unfriendly piece of trash. Fine by me.

    Love it, only 22 hours to go on my sweet ADSL2+ connection.

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