Shoutout To Fortnite Players Who Build Towers Instead Of Killing Anyone At The End Of Matches

Shoutout To Fortnite Players Who Build Towers Instead Of Killing Anyone At The End Of Matches

Tell me if you’ve ever seen this: there are only ten people or so left in your Fortnite: Battle Royale match. The storm cloud looms closer with every passing second. There’s nowhere left to go. Left without options, everyone around you starts building toward the sky.

Well, maybe you haven’t seen this if you don’t make it very far during your matches. I’ve only placed in the top ten a handful of times since starting to play Fortnite a week ago. More often than not, I see this phenomenon of panicked base-building while spectating whatever jerks managed to kill me.

Building stuff gets used now and then during the course of a regular match to build space between players when a fight breaks out and there’s no cover in sight. The thing that tickles me about what happens during the end of matches is that it’s not always useful to build a stairway to heaven.

Sure, some people craft themselves a vantage point — here’s a YouTube video about creating a Battle Royale sniper tower with 794k views — but most of the time I see this first-hand, towers lead to the silliest deaths imaginable.

Often, players building frantically high don’t really have a game plan other than “get the hell up there,” or at least, “don’t let anyone in here.” I’ve seen an absurd number of stalemates where people just entomb themselves in these giant buildings that nobody can penetrate unless they’re packing some good firepower.

Sometimes, these warehouse-shaped prisons will turn into towers. Savvy players will then shoot at these tall buildings until they are destroyed, causing the builder to fall to their death from way on high.

Compared to the rest of a Battle Royale match, which is often tense and terrifying, the antics I see during the top ten make the whole thing hilarious. This is what our gruelling last-man-standing turned into? Did you really survive up until this point just to die in the most embarrassing way possible? Also, how high can you go???

Bless you, Fortnite tower builders. You might not win, but at least you made me laugh.