Skyrim Mod Adds Multiplayer

Skyrim Mod Adds Multiplayer

Image: Youtube (Skyrim Together)

Skyrim fans don’t need much encouragement to chase dragons down, but getting multiplayer support is a real good reason to get back on the bandwagon.

Skyrim in co-op is possible thanks to a new mod called Skyrim Together, which has been in development for a few years. The first stable version of the mod is due out before the end of the year, and over the weekend the developers showed off some gameplay.

It’s pretty much what Skyrim fans have been begging for: the ability to play Skyrim with friends. The mod works by connecting players to a master server, after which points players can join “shards” (lobbies within that master server).

The devs have confirmed they will make an API after release to further ensure that mods can work in correlation with Skyrim Together, although as it stands “there is a very high chance” that mods made with the current creation kit will work with the co-op mod.

More information about the mod can be found on the official Patreon page, sub-reddit and the official Discord channel.


  • This is what Skyrim needed on release…sure it worked as a single player game but if games like Divinity Original Sin 2 have shown me anything it’s that RPGs need multiplayer. That’s why WoW still works, people like playing RPGs with other people.

    • Enh. There’s a reason Skyrim’s numbers well and truly eclipse ESO’s. Playing RPGs with other people is fine, but not if it means constant re-spawning, unwanted intrusions from random jackholes, and a lack of impact on the game world.

          • I wouldn’t know – played a bit of ESO beta and haven’t touched it since cos the game felt kinda crap and samey with every other MMO.

            Still has nothing to do with my point about Divinity where nothing respawns, every action is permanent etc. I wasn’t saying turn RPGs into MMOs – I was saying give them multiplayer.

            The only reason I even mentioned WoW was because multiplayer is the only reason the game is still the market leader more than 10 years after release. They got the multiplayer bit right so people stick around to play with friends.

      • Noone wanted ESO, we wanted Skyrim with friends. Not the mess that was ESO. I picture a private server with 1-4 coop with friends, that’d be awesome. No randoms thanks.

  • If this was a supported creation-club mod, I might actually be tempted to overcome my distaste for that whole mismanaged exercise and buy some credits.

  • I remember when they added multi player to oblivion, it was never stable enough to properly enjoy so im hoping this one will be

  • Is this sanctioned by Bethesda? Because if not I’d imagine they wouldn’t be the biggest fan of this since it’ll likely cannibalise subs to ESO.

    • They said their fine for them to release it, but they cant do it on steam (its because they’d need to actively support the mod, like how Just Cause 2 comes with a multiplayer mod on install, it cant simply be downloaded from the workshop because its interferes with far more than a standard creation kit allows)

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