Star Control 2 Is Getting A Sequel, 25 Years Later

There were plenty of gamers who weren't even born when Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters launched 25 years ago. But to mark the game's anniversary, two of the original developers have announced they'll be making a direct sequel.

Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford, creators of the original Star Control games, announced that they would be making Ghosts of the Precursors as a sequel to the iconic space adventure. The game is "early, early in development".

It's also a separate project from Stardock's reboot of the series, Star Control: Origins. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell explained on Reddit that Ghosts of the Precursors had their "full approval as an independent effort", meaning players would get two Star Control games within the next couple of years.

It solves a lot of problems for both games in a way: by allowing the original creators to continue the Ur-Quan story, Stardock doesn't have to address that arc in their own reboot, freeing them up to take the franchise somewhere new.

There's no screenshots or footage of Ghosts of the Precursors yet, which is understandable given the stage of development it's in. As for Star Control: Origins, the most recent gameplay was posted last year. The game is supposedly nearing a beta phase, however.


    Awesome! Star Control 2 is a classic. Excited to see how these turn out!

    I'm always very cautious of news like this. Master of Orion sounded like it should have been a no brainer too, and Wargaming butchered it. At least this one has some original people on board.

    Fantastic news - I still play SC2 on my 3DO from time to time, what an absolute classic.

    I grew up on Star Con 1 and 2. If they don't fuck up the audio and feel of the races, everything will be fine. AND DON'T MAKE THE PKUNK PC.

    But there's Star Control 3?

    I haven't played the second game so that's probably why i am confused.

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