Star Wars The Last Jedi Tickets On Sale Now

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It’s almost upon us – that annual entry in the Star Wars saga that we’ll probably see until the earth crumbles under the heat of an expanding Sun. But with a new Star Wars comes a rush for movie tickets – here’s when and where to score yours.

Update: Tickets are live through Event Cinemas now. There's a new poster as well:

When Do The Last Jedi Tickets Go On Sale?

The only "official" information we have is that tickets to the Last Jedi will go on sale Tuesday afternoon, October 10 at IMAX Melbourne. No exact times have been announced yet, but IMAX Melbourne have stated that tickets will be available once the trailer drops - which we expect to be at approximately 12pm AEDT.

Three sessions will be available to IMAX Big League Members only – the first two sessions at 12:01am, December 14 and 3am, December 14.

A third session at 6pm, December 14, will also be available. To purchase these tickets, you will have to be a member of the IMAX Big League, which costs $30 per year.

All the information can be found on the IMAX Melbourne Facebook page. IMAX will have sessions every three hours from 6am to 11:58pm, December 15 for the general public to buy tickets to.

Want a closer estimate? Fine. I spoke to a source in the cinema industry this afternoon who revealed that the tickets will go live at 12pm, October 10. That's tomorrow.

As we are currently expecting a trailer to drop during the NFL broadcast tomorrow, it would make sense that the trailer will be shown immediately before the on-sale time.

Until an official announcement is made, it's worth keeping an open mind, but I would be frantically searching for that refresh button come midday tomorrow.

When Is The Last Jedi Released In Australia?

Australia will be able to see Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi on December 14, 2017. So you'll be holding onto those tickets for two months!

Good luck in the scramble for those premium seats!


    Comes out two days before my 40th birthday party... sweet christmas!!!

      All you need to do now is subtly leave last jedi refrences around the house hopefully giving your family the hint that you want tickets :)

    I saw the last one about a week after opening, prob end up doing that again.

    It was a bit tough dodging the field of reviews and spoilers though, even in such a small time frame.

      One perk of not having social media.

        Yeah, this place is the extent of my social media, makes avoiding spoilers easier for sure.

        I'd like to see it about a week in though, when crowds are still 'pumped', I enjoy the feel of the room and a good sized audience. Otherwise the experience is better at home really.

          Hahahaha I am the opposite, too many times have I gone to watch a movie I am pumped for only to have one group of muppets ruin it by talking and being obnoxious. This is why I choose to go at times that hardly anyone will be there, that and I think I hate humans lol.

    ill likely be seeing it at either my local family run cinema or their other one at Huskisson, or at the Roxy in Nowra

    Edit: no IMAX anywhere near here, closest one is probably sydney if there isnt one at canberra or wollongong

    Last edited 09/10/17 10:15 pm

    Yeah this isn't some legendary rock band coming to town for one night. It's a freakin' film that's gonna be playing in every cinema for weeks. I'm not falling for over hype especially as Force Awakens was only good not great & as a result didn't beat Avatar.

    If anyone likes a big IMAX style screen, The Edge cinema at Katoomba is a great deal, and people forget it is there. When TFA came out and everywhere was booked out, The Edge had plenty of tickets, we just walked in bought tickets on the second night.

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