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    Morning all, how was your weekend?

    I gave in and bought Shadow of War - there's just so much game there. I feel as if (at least in the first 4 hours) it's incredibly fast paced, so much to do and see. It does seem a bit more like Assassin's Creed: Lord of the Rings, but that's not a bad thing in my book. With both Shadow of War and AC: Origins becoming a little more RPG-like, it'll be interesting to compare the two later this month.

    Otherwise I'm getting excited for PAX - it'll be my first proper convention. What are people excited about seeing or playing?


      Rule and Make have got a Terminator 2 board game. I wanna check that out.

      Quietly suspicious that Hand of Fate will be better as a board game, too.

        The artist for that is Ian O'Toole, a super rad Perth dude that has done the art for some of my recent favourites. He does really clean, well laid out designs with helpful symbology.

        I won't be at PAX this year. If Ian O'Toole is, you should pester him on my behalf. His work is exactly the sort of thing I've been geeking out about lately.

        I'd actually forgotten about board games. My schedule is already packed, but I'll have to check it out

        Hand of Fate felt like it was prototyped as a board game before they made it a video game, so if it plays better as a board game I would not be surprised.

        I keep looking at Hand of Fate in the Psn store but haven't brought it, I read on Kotaku funnily enough that it's Aussie made, So i really ought to buy it.

    Just finished 100% shadow of war wondering what to get next? Tossing up between Elex or assassins creed. I heard Elex has a very steep slow learning curve and the risen series failed to impress, but just coming off shadow of war assassins creed is a very similar kind of game. Which should I go for?

      Wot? SoW came out like 4 days ago, how have you 100% it already?

        My girlfriend was at her house last week so had 5 days to myself to hammer it out

          Trying to resist the obvious comment....

            Lots of time pressing "dominate", I'd wager

    Are we still doing real name alerts because... hi?

      ogm! Trojan horse alert! I totally forgot you had mod rights! Been so long since I saw you in here!

      Boo :)

        Don't worry. I'll be switching over to regular old @trjn at the end of today and you can go back to enjoying Rae's super-rad mega-fantastic work.

          I wasn't boo-ing you! That was more of a peek-a-boo that was lost in translation.

          Very glad to see you with a MOD next to your name. :)

            It's definitely a little different.



    So i've been looking at getting a Z270 ITX motherboard for my 6600k so I can use the ITX case I have lying around. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices.

    -ASUS Strix Z270I
    -EVGA Z270 Stinger

    Both have their advantages. The EVGA one if buy it from Amazon it's only $180 AUD with shipping & it comes with world wide warranty & EVGA's build quality.

    The ASUS Strix is about $100 more with postage, but on the other hand it has 2x M.2 one SATA/PCI-E & one just PCI-E which would be cool, I could ditch conventional 3.5 & 2.5 inch drives & go full M.2. It also has WiFi, not that I want/care for WiFi when I use ethernet, it also has RGB headers, not that I want or need that.. But handy none the less.

    Last edited 17/10/17 3:37 pm

      @welbot, what would you recommend? I think i'll bite the bullet and go for the ROG Strix because of the features, never used ASUS boards. Used a few ASRock boards which are great imo.

      I could always go for the B250i ROG Strix, and omit all overclocking purposes, but that would be pointless..

      Oh. I can get the Strix Z270I for only $220 off eBay atm with 20% off code PLUG20, neat. So that's only $40 more than the Z270 Stinger.

        Well you'll definitely benefit from having M.2 if you can afford the drives, so I'd probably go that option. Be aware that you may lose access to a couple of sata ports if you do use them. (You'll have to check the manual for that). Aslo, you may need to update the BIOS to support your CPU if it comes with the first revision.

          That's perfectly fine. I know when you occupy the SATA/PCI-E one you use the 2 sata 6gbps ports but that's fine, the only sata I want to run is a blu-ray drive. I already have one M.2 drive which is sata based, and I was thinking of getting a 960 Pro and making that the boot drive.

          Also bios should be fine, since Z270 supported Skylake out of the box, it was only Z170 boards that needed to be updated to support Kaby Lake.

            Nah if you look at the CPU support list, the 6600K is on a different BIOS version to the original.
            And you may not lose any sata ports, since there are so few. Usually you only lose access to 2 ports when they have like 8-10 on board, but it depends on the board, hence my suggestion to check the manual if it might be an issue.

              I was reading up on that the other day. It's one sata port per populated m.2 drive. So i'll be fine since it has 4x 6gbps ports.

              Can't find much out about the CPU support however. Was hard enough finding that out about the M.2, since the manual had nothing on it.

                I found it on the Asus website by googling the model of the motherboard, then going to the support section. Under there is a CPU support list (on the left hand side from memory).

                  Ahh, cool. Cheers dude. I think i'll end up getting it esp since I can get it for $220 with shipping off eBay Australia.

                Also, if the manual doesn't mention disabling SATA ports when the M.2 are in use, it's possible they don't actually disable any. I think there was only 4 on that board? If so, it may mean that there's enough lanes to still use the SATA ports. Usually, if you want to use a PCIe X4 drive, it disables 2 SATA ports per drive. Most manuals say something like "If M.2 drive is populated with PCIe X4 drive, SATA ports 0 and 1 will be unavailable." So chances are, if it doesn't say anything like that, you can still use them all.

                  To be fair the manual seemed pretty pathetic, despite being quite long & full of other stuff. But i'm sure I saw somewhere that 2 ports would be disabled if you decided to populate the sata based one, but I can't find that info now lol.

      Bleh. There's no USB 2.0 header on the motherboard which I need for my H80i V2 AIO cooler.. That is a bit annoying.

      Edit: Did a bit of googling, I don't even need to use the USB connector on the pump since I would be running the fans off the CPU header anyway and pump speed doesn't change regardless with this model from what I can read.

      Last edited 17/10/17 4:49 pm

    Doubt I'll get any hits here, but what the hell... I won 4 $50 Hoyts vouchers, but I don't go to the movies, so I'm unlikely to ever use them.
    I'd much rather have some cash to spend, so would anyone be interested in buying one/some off me? open to reasonable negotiation.

      Well, just to update, Tigerion actually bought them off me. Turned out he had a friend who was purchasing tickets when I tweeted it out, so they're all gone! :) Winnar!!


    Hello, I've been not here much and hopeless about getting on with sorting PAX Meat with you...

    Is it on, and do I send the funds to techie and how much?

    Thanks and sorry if I've been inconvenient...

      Oh yeah, @scree ping me your bank deets as well. I'll flick money over for TJ and I.

        cc @trikeabout
        It's on, Saturday night 7pm-12am, same place as last year
        DM me for details
        Twitter - @TechKnight_Zero

          Excellent, will do. Been out of the loop badly. :)

    Would just like to give a huge thanks and a shoutout to @adamwells, aka @trjn, who wrapped his first day of looking after the site today - at zero notice, too, after my body basically refused to function.

    Many, many thanks, and awesome to see your byline on the site once more.

      I dunno.. Do we trust a guy who used to go by the name Trjn?

      I joke, you're a good guy Bunny. I remember the fun times we had playing board games at your place with those other delinquents.

    Bit the bullet and bought that motherboard. Should be here next week sometime, yay.

    Just got Secret Hitler for my partner's Christmas present. Rate me.

      It is an amazing game to pull a long con in. Convince everyone you're not a fascist. Help them. Then at last minute whip the rug out from under them with the ultimate betrayal.

      Had one game where I did that. Liberal winning, one away from victory. I get elected president, nominate one guy I know is Liberal, pass him 2 red policies and then the instant he plays one, execute him (so he was barred from speaking) and told everyone that I passed one of each. Swung the game completely - fascist majority.

      (Suggest maybe not doing that to your partner though, or at least make sure your couch is comfortable...)

    We were a person short for a raid last night, so we decided to try out guided games - basically Bungie's version of LFR but built around clans helping people through their first raids. Five of us grouped together in orbit, and started matchmaking. We get matched pretty quickly, and invite the new guy to the voice chat, in the process noticing his profile lists his language as French. Hopefully he speaks English. He joins the party, we launch into the raid, and get through the doors to the first encounter, the Gauntlet - arguably the most communication-reliant encounter in the raid. Ruh-roh. The guy has not said a word thus far, and we're not even sure he has a mic, so we try to get some sort of indication that he has any idea what we're saying... nothing. *sigh* After about five minutes of trying to elicit a response, we all vote to abandon the activity and try again. Sorry, mate.

    The next guy we're matched with was listed as German, so this time the first thing we do is make sure we can communicate - he joins the voice chat and speaks very good English, but has not done the raid before - no problem. We loaded in, instructed him in the mechanics for each section and had a great time. Finished the raid and made a new friend.

    So, to anyone thinking of hosting a guided raid, maybe consider listing "must have mic and speak English" in your Clan description if you need to.

      Hi. :) I still have not managed to raid.

      Was supposed to get on with some TAYbies on Saturday arvo but then my weekend went to absolute shit. :(

      Won't be on tomorrow either as anniversary (#2...) but hoping to get a chance Soon™

        Aww. Hope you get a chance - it's pretty fun, even if the rewards are mostly aesthetic. (Congrats on the anniversary, btw)

        I'm having a nightmare trying to get raids done these days. We can get 4-5 people together on Tuesday nights, but every other night there's hardly anyone on. Not to mention there's maybe 2 people in my group even interested in trying the Prestige raid... :(

          Yep - will get a go soon I hope! Will have to create a new msg group - Neo has 2 friends on a lot of the time, plus me, you if you're on, should be able to persuade mypetfish (although he's basically been playing with LFG for the last few months at odd hours...).

          Now I have a dedicated room away from the lounge with a screen and my old launch PS4 I can get away an evening or two a week for sure - I just haven't had a chance yet! :)

          Only managed to do one Nightfall yet too. And now they've accelerated the season pace... hmmm.

            Even if I'm not "online", I'm probably available - spending a lot more time on PC working through other games atm, as there's nothing really pulling me onto Destiny of an evening other than nightfalls/raids, which means I'm likely not kicking around in-game all that often. I keep an eye on my PSN messages, tho, just in case, but PSN messages via the app have been annoyingly tardy the last few months...

    Anyone else saw the giant robot fight yesterday?

      I haven't seen it yet, but I thought it wasn't happening for another few hours yet. Might have to hunt down the vid. Saw the preview, and it looked like it was gonna be pretty cool!

    Picked up an old Canon Legria camera last week, and got a bag for it yesterday, so now I can make proper videos instead of having to dick around with my phone or tablet.
    Got it from Cash Converters for $95, and I picked the bag up for $10.
    I'm mainly going to record sim racing footage, and videos of my cat with it.

      Sim racing footage? Like in game footage?

        Unfortunately, since I'm running an ATI card, there's no real way for me to capture all three screens without it looking like arse.

          ahhh I've never tried to capture multiscreen footage even with my nvidia card, but mostly cos I don't have screens that match. My main is 4k and my secondary is only 1080p

    This time next week we'll be at PAX!

    Am I excited? YES!
    Are the cosplays finished? NO!
    Am I going crazy because I am also simultaneously packing my house to move? YES!

    Keep an eye out for us at PAX. I will be cosplaying as DC Bombshells Wonder Woman, and also Great Fairy Cotera (on different days). Batboy will be Link, and possibly also an inkling (if mummy can make a miracle happen)

      Should have told me. I made Inkling hats for Freeze's kids. Wouldn't have been too hard to make a third D=

        Thanks, but it'ss ok, he's happy enough with his Link costume, and I think on Sunday we'll be in plain clothes anyway.

    Alright PAX (and Melbourne) folks, if you are interested in Dapper meat let me know
    This Friday let's get fancy and have great food

      I have another Thing - Elite: Dangerous meet on Friday for a couple of hours and then going to Dungeon Crawl with Pixel. But I will see you around for sure.

    There's a load of other stuff going on in Melbourne this week other than PAX as it's Melbourne Games Week.

    Including the free Women In Games exhibition at ACMI and the free event Wayfinder Live.

      Yeah, I was going to take Batboy to ACMI just to round out the weekend, maybe on the Sunday morning.

      It's frustrating because it's all good having these things, but actually getting into the industry is impossible. I wish they'd taught me how to start up my own business and how to get into making my own games.

    I'm probably going to regret asking this but has anyone here tried the myGov Web site?

    It looks like I'm gonna have to start using it as well because AusPost in my area has become completely unviable and cannot be trusted with important documents even if they are registered.

    I don't know if this is dated but last I heard the site was compromised and security is still questionable at best.

      I've had a MyGov acc for ages. It uses 2 factor login, it's okay. But eh. I still don't like it, even if it is handy to have Medicare, Centrelink & ATO all under one login.

        OK. When I checked it looks as though part of the authentication process has been compromised (again) in that may who were not logged kept receiving codes to their phones.

        The other complaint I've heard is no notification is sent when something arrives in the myGov inbox. Maybe I'm being unfair but that sounds like lacking a required feature.

        But thanks for the first hands description.

          I get emails & texts when there's something sitting in my inbox, but I don't think everyone sets theirs up correctly so they don't get the notifications. lol. Honestly it's still a POS imo, I need to transfer my dads Centrelink acc to a MyGov but I really don't want to, because I don't like it mostly. I was forced to create one for myself, ugh.

          But yeah, it's a poorly thought out/implemented thing. I like the concept of it, but it could've been done better, especially if there was a smartphone/tablet app.. There might be, but I bet that's even more shit if there is one.

          I also have a MyGov account. I have never had issues with receiving notifications. I regularly get them when centrelink sends me a document (like confirmation they've received my med certs etc.) The notification doesn't say much. Just an email saying something like "You have new items in your MyGov inbox. Login to read them"
          It's not great, but it's not the worst either. Unfortunately, you have to get one eventually. All medicare and centrelink services will be forcefully migrated there eventually. In the early days it was a bit buggy, but in the past 1-2 yrs I haven't had any issues.

    What's everyone playing in this, the maddest game release week of 2017?

    I picked up Fire Emblem Warriors and played a bit over the weekend. That's a lot of fun, though not exceptionally deep or anything. Not that you'd expect anything different.

    Currently also finally making my way through Trails in the Sky SC, having re-played the first game recently. I'd set aside a ton of time in my schedule to play Ys VIII but NISA really ballsed-up the release and I won't get to play that until around February now, so I scratched the Falcom itch with Trails. Some enterprising people managed to patch the vocals from the JP-only Vita re-releases of the games into the PC versions and playing with the whole game voiced improved it a lot for me. Currently at the start of chapter 3 and this game seems extremely long (it's got 9 chapters I think). It's still got that slightly frustrating episodic feel to it though but I can see it's starting to gather some momentum now.

    Planning to try and knock out TitS SC and also jump into FFXIV again for a bit at some point this week. The release rush starts tomorrow. Grabbing Nights of Azure 2 and Wolfenstein II to start with, waiting to see if Assassin's Cregypt is infested with loot boxes or not before I jump on that but I have a bit of an itch for an AC game again, for the first time since finishing off AC Rogue, so I'm hoping it's not been ruined with questionable monetization models like so many others this year.

    After that I think it's all clear until the start of December when Xenoblade 2 comes out. On my Birthday. Thanks Nintendo.

      Spent a bit of yesterday planning my time over the next month to get through the rest of South Park, The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2, Assassin's Creed: Origins and a second playthrough of Nier: Automata.

      ...which all got completely derailed last night when I found out there was a new Zachtronics game out (Opus Magnum, although it's only in Early Access), which took four hours of my carefully allotted South Park time.

      I'm playing ELEX atm. So damn good! Though I just realized I fucked up a quest line or two this morning, so decided I'd restart. It happens EVERY time I play a game by the Gothic devs though. I get about 6-8 hours in, realize I messed something up, and restart. Usually works out for the best though as I am able to get myself back to the point where I was with relative ease since I know what i'm doing, and often find things along the way I either passed by thinking I'd come back to it later (then promptly forgot about,) or just missed entirely.

        I had no idea that was a fantasy game from the Gothic guys. Heard people talking about it and I assumed it was some kind of SF-themed puzzle game for some reason.

          heh it's a little bit sci-fi mixed with fantasy

      Forts! still dabbling in PUBG, but playing that less and less lately.

    The hard drive and video card died in my old media centre PC recently, so I decided instead of fixing them it was time for a full system upgrade. It used to be made of all old parts replaced over time in my gaming PC, but this time I decided to go for something smaller than a full ATX board in a giant metal case.

    I did some shopping around for mini-ITX boards but eventually settled on an Intel NUC. Some of you probably know what this is already, but for those that don't: this thing is basically a 4" x 4" box, about 1.5" tall. Four USB ports, HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, gigabit ethernet, wifi/bluetooth and a USB3/Thunderbolt port. It also has an RF receiver but I don't use it. The CPU is integrated into the internal circuit board but it has two SODIMM RAM slots and an M.2 slot for an internal SSD.

    I got one of the 7th generation CPU models, put 16GB RAM and a Samsung EVO SSD in there. It's surprisingly capable for its size, this thing can put out 4K video at 60Hz through the integrated Intel GPU. The thing is tiny, silent and handles my Kodi/usenet setup perfectly with the media currently being served through a USB drive enclosure but eventually to become a NAS setup.

    Video playback has been flawless. Handles [email protected] just fine (this is not for gaming obviously), 10-bit video and H265 both seem to be fully supported. This is all on top of a full Windows 10 Pro installation, chosen over Linux because of a few specific needs I have.

    All up, I'm impressed at how capable it is for its size. I think any future media centre I make will be one of this style of computer.

      If you get the decent NUC's they're pretty epic from what I gather.

      Yeah, the NUCs are amazing for media center PCs.

      I switched to Plex a while back for my media so instead the server needs the grunt, but if something like the NUCs had been around at the time I probably would have stuck it out with kodi.

      My current dilemma is whether to upgrade my NAS to something bigger (QNAP make them with i5s and i7s now which would easily handle transcoding), or to build a home server that can run Plex so my desktop isn't pulling double duty. I watch a fair bit of subtitled stuff which require transcoding to work on the console Plex clients.

    Got my new ITX Z270 motherboard yesterday, it's really nice. Pretty awesome little board & full of features.

    But I fucked up, not once but twice. The case I was going to transfer everything into, my GPU is a good 30mm longer than the case, which is fine cause i've had this case lying around for ages, I didn't buy it specifically for this build.

    Secondly after I put everything together & stuck it back in the case, I wasn't getting any video out.. Which was strange, so I was testing everything by re-seating ram, GPU, CPU cooler etc.. Nothing still. Okay so I drop everything back into the old board, still nothing, weird.. Then I realised I had the wrong monitor plugged in >_>

    Temps are good on the CPU though, with new thermal paste (Noctua NT H1) & i'm idling at 35 degrees on the hottest core & 28 degrees on the coolest core, the GPU could be a bit cooler, normally idles around 40-45 degrees, it's currently at 49 degrees. But i'm thinking of moving to a case like the Ncase M1 & water cooling it for maximum efficiency & quietness.

      Nice, seems we've both done mini-computer upgrades recently!

        Yeah! I went from a Gigabyte Z170MX Gaming-5 which was mATX and now to Mini ITX heh.

        Also my PLEX Server/NAS is ITX as well, ITX is just great, especially now we don't need multiple HDD's for mass storage, when you can get single drives of up to 10TB, and SLI & Crossfire are getting less & less support & mostly components are becoming more power efficient so things can be smaller & coolers don't need to be as large, or even with AIO's they take up bugger all space in some circumstances.

          Yeah, I need to sort out storage soon actually. I've almost filled the 3TB drive I'm using currently, but I want to get something network accessible and a bit more stable instead of through a USB enclosure, so I was thinking of grabbing a 4 slot NAS and just plugging in a single 10TB and my current 3TB and mirroring them, then expanding with more 10s later with RAID 5.

    I'm so glad that original Xbox games are on Xbox One.
    Being able to play Black in 5.1 channel surround sound is literally music to my ears... and a nightmare for the neighbours. :P

      I just wish they had included the Sega Smilebit games. Jet Set Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon Orta are two of the best games on the platform and deserve to be preserved too.

      Oh and to try and start conversation on TAY: Top 10 Original Xbox exclusive (or xbox + PC exclusive) games:

      - Jet Set Radio Future
      - Panzer Dragoon Orta
      - Knights of the Old Republic II
      - Halo
      - Crimson Skies
      - Jade Empire
      - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      - Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
      - Metal Wolf Chaos
      - Star Wars: Republic Commando

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