Do You Close The Door Behind You In Battlegrounds?

Do You Close The Door Behind You In Battlegrounds?

In Battlegrounds, I always close the door behind me. It’s not a matter of strategy so much as it’s a psychological thing — it makes me feel safe. The house I’ve entered is a safe, isolated little haven full of goodies just for me, and nobody, ever, will come up behind me and shoot me in the head.

That’s not the way everyone does it, and I’m well aware that my habitual door-closing is just to trick myself into feeling less scared. Better players than I will systematically leave doors open to ward off opponents — it’s a small way of hinting to others that a house has been looted and there’s nothing for potential aggressors to gain by entering.

There are an infinite number of ways to approach doors in Battlegrounds. If there are ten players left, you might close one door to a house and leave another open, creating a false pathway where you might have gone while you’re actually crouching in the bathroom, waiting. If it’s early on in the game and you only have a machete, perhaps you wouldn’t spend the extra second closing a door instead of searching for better weapons.

What are your door-closing habits in Battlegrounds?


  • Close the door. It is strategy. You have the audible sound of a door opening to alert you to a potential intruder. If you leave the door open and someone crouch-walks in you’re screwed, especially if you’re staring out a window looking for targets.

  • Yes, you can hear someone open the door you should be able to(Unless they happened to see you or hear from outside) get the drop on them.

  • I invert the doors If I’ll be camping making it look like someone has left through the door instead of untouched or gone in, I see people play with zero caution when a door is opened outwards

    • I’m now rethinking 180 hours of gameplay… I never noticed the inward/outward opened doors…

      • You’ve probably unconsciously registered it as someone has left this way, but now you’re aware of it you can play with more caution or disregard lol.
        I also only camp in buildings with either a upstairs exit or a double window I can crouch jump out of. It’s good fun dropping down when someone charges in, knows you’re upstairs and when they go up you’re gone, and camping the downstairs stairs for their return trip =p

  • If in Solo, yes, if in Team, no.

    In Solo, you only have your self. Closing the door is needed for, as mentioned in comments already, to give you a chance of hearing someone come in. Or, for the more sinister player, creating a trap.

    However, in a team game, there are more players, and closing doors on people in your team is a big no no. It also makes looting quicker.

  • In squads early game you leave them open so your team know whats been looted, Mid to late game or in DUO/SOLO close them all.

  • Depends if I want to use a house as bait or if I’m with team members.

    In squad, doors open is a given to stop squaddies looting houses you already have.

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