That Time We Got To See Mario's Dick

Image: Borp

And y'all were getting excited about seeing his nipples.

Between 1988 and 1998, manga publisher Kodansha released a series of kid's comics based on the Mushroom Kingdom. Known popularly in Japan as KC Mario, each series is based on a classic Mario game, meaning there are titles for everything from Yoshi's Island to Mario Kart.

We're here for the very first issue, though. Super Mario Land #1, by Kazuki Motoyama.

Image: Borp

The manga itself is a wild ride, trying its best to marry the locations and enemies of the game with some semblance of an ongoing plot. So it introduces some extra characters, takes some liberties with Mario's abilities and features some very interpretative art.

Image: Borp

Including, for the first and probably last time, an officially-licensed portrayal of Mario's dick and balls, which we get to see after a Fish Bone jumps out of the water and bites our hero in the butt, blowing him out of his overalls (above).

For context: Peach is hidden inside the robot, and after seeing Mario's junk — which sets her heart racing — she calls him a perv and punches him into a bonus level full of coins.

Here is a close-up.

Image: Borp

Good night.

Thanks @Kirtaner, Borp & Super Mario Wiki.


    And y'all were getting excited about seeing his nipples.

    No. Literally no one gave a f**k about Mario's nipples.

    Psa makes more sense if you read the panels right to left

    Your censored version is worse, because it looks like he's screwing a mushroom.

    Is this why Mario is friend zoned all the time?

    He seems to shave all around to make his micro penis look bigger... doesn't work man.

    I scrolled all the way through this story and I am shook.

    I come to Kotaku for in-depth gaming journalism.

    He's a grower, not a show'er

      He's a grower, not a show'er

      Nah, he's just Japanese.

    Damn son, no wonder he only gets a cake.

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