The 11 Scariest Video Game Ghosts Ever

From Pac-Man's eternal pursuers all the way up to F.E.A.R.'s terrifying Alma Wade, games have always been full of ghosts, phantasms, phantoms and other assorted ethereal fiends. In celebration of Kotaku Spooky Week, I consulted the Kotaku staff and we put together this definitive ranking of the scariest ghosts ever to materialise into pixels.

Why did we rank the top 11 ghosts instead of the top 10? Well, 11 is greater than 10. That's more content! And technically, the top 11 contains the top 10, so hey! You get two for the price of one (free)!


    FFS learn to narrate please and stop trying to use tacky news puns.

    Good god this is really really awful

    Around 6 minutes too long and way too much faffing around with the Mario ghosts... You know you could have done what's advertised and delivered??
    Truly one of the worst Vids I've ever seen and the attempt at humour to keep going back to Mario was actually just a pointless waste of time...
    If you wanna be funny don't make the audience your joke!

    Last edited 24/10/17 6:20 pm

      Or at least make the audience your joke intelligently like Monty Python, Rick & Morty etc.

        Damn straight... I felt like the joke for watching this. I felt completely trolled lol

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