The Cheapest Copies Of Super Mario Odyssey In Australia

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Over 3000 years ago, a man named Homer wrote “It is hateful to me to tell a story over again, when it has been well told” in his book The Odyssey. The story of Mario, Bowser and Princess Peach has been well told, multiple times, over the last 30 years. On October 27, we get to hear that story again.

Right here is where you can find the absolute cheapest copies of Super Mario Odyssey in Australia.

Jump up, Super Star!

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, a game where an overall-clad plumber-racer-golfer and his sentient mind-controlling hat go on an adventure around the universe in a spaceship visiting exotic locales and getting into togs.

Whoa. That sounds insane.

Will it dethrone Breath of the Wild as the best Switch game? I’m not sure, but here’s hoping.

Let’s check those prices.

Big W


Courtesy of our friends at Vooks, Big W are coming in with that lava-hot introductory price of $62 so you can spend big on DLC down the track. Unfortunately not stocking

JB Hi-Fi


This price is in-store, but if you want delivery just tack on a reg-latte ($3.50) and you’ll get it to your door. Don’t forget – they will price match in store too, so grab it for $62

Harvey Norman


Gerry! Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!

My final thought: Sometimes a price comes along that is both fair and profitable for a large-scale retail organisation. This is one of those times. Take care.

The Gamesmen


Gamesmen are running with the same price as basically everywhere else. Good.

Mighty Ape


Have to tack on the added cost of shipping which pushes this up around the $73 mark, but still good value if you're happy to wait. Express delivery will set you back about $77.



More expensive than previously listed by 99 cents, but free delivery. Still a great price, but I mean, ****, it’s 99 cents?!



As usual, Play-Asia is pricier but the major benefit is that it’s real useful if you’re looking for other language versions of the game, for whatever reason.

EB Games


At this point, I don’t know why you’d turn up to EB Games without a solid price match deal floating around your brain.



This is Gametraders online store price. This is not a very good price. It’s also out of stock.


Prices vary

The Nintendo Switch is region-free, so in theory, if a cheaper price (with currency conversion) arises elsewhere in the world, you will be able to log in to that region's eShop and download Odyssey there. As it stands, you'd be looking at $70+, with the Japanese eShop price hovering around $73. Not bad for a digital copy.

In AUD, the eShop price is still to be confirmed.

Super Mario Odyssey launches digitally and in stores next Friday, October 27, for the Nintendo Switch. We'll update this post should any better prices come along!


    Handy article! Thanks for the price list.

    Visited that Vooks site linked too. Frankly... shame on you Kotaku. You basically took all the research from their article and rehashed it here. Then instead of referencing the actual link you just added a link to their website under a subheading.

      Vooks is a great site with great Nintendo coverage for Australians! Often, they are right on top of the pricing and news for new games.

      You might notice that this guide is a carbon copy of the link below and its not based off a Vooks guide --

      We do these types of guides all the time for major releases. Unfortunately for me, I had to look up these prices at their linked addresses, to confirm the pricing.

      Thanks for your support.

      You must be knew to the internet. This is exactly what everyone, everywhere does. At least they showed them the respect they deserved by citing them straight up top instead of burying it at the bottom in subtext no one reads

    The cheapest copy is the one you steal yourself.

    I say $80 for Super Mario Odyssey at EB Games is more better than those other prices at JB Hi-Fi Harvey Norman or even Big W. I mean coming out next week is not only the game but also the Super Mario Odyssey wedding amiibo that will be available both individually and as a set. The carrying cases come out the same day and if that's not enough the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle also comes out the same day as well. So I am ready for to go on a new Mario adventure when Super Mario Odyssey comes out next week.

    Corrected - I don’t know why you’d turn up to EB Games.

    Honestly the last time I tried to get them to pricematch, EB wanted a picture from the catalogue or the shelves of the store with the cheaper price. The other store was Big W and in the same centre. They wanted me to make the effort. So I walked my fat ass the 30 metres to the other end of the centre and bought it without having to argue with a child who doesn't understand what customer service is.

      That's pretty crap. My local EBs used to be a harassment to price match. Over the last 12 months though things have changed there and it's no drama at all, ever. In fact the last time I went in and price matched something I was just out of JB Hifi with their price in my head.

      I asked to price match to JBs at I think $72 or something random. The EB chick checked online and come back with....."Oh it's cheaper at Big W at $64, I'll put that through instead." Sweet......

        See now that is good customer service. But to be hoinest - having to ask them to price match takes effort - it's easier to check Kotaku's "cheapest" and then head to the first store.

      Why not just go straight to Big W and support the retailer offering you a good price in the first place? I don’t understand the whole EB game of “ aaah you got us! Price match it is” bull crap

        Because store likes Big W can afford to sell stock at a loss in hopes catching your sales elsewhere at a mark up with things such as clothes and home wares. It's also the reason you will find toys cheaper rather than at a specialty toy store.

        Because EB games give me fantastic customer service. And I like to support gaming shops too.

        For instance when a Joy con was playing up, Nintendo wanted me to send it in. EBs replaced it on the spot for a new set.

        I get their prices are stupid as retail, but I never pay them.

      It's pretty standard for them to ask for proof, otherwise someone could just say "Oh I saw this for $50 at X" to try and scam them if they don't know what prices the other stores are doing.

      I price matched Big W today (I had trade credit I wanted to use otherwise I would have just gone to Big W) and it was just a matter of bringing up the catalogue on my phone and showing them.

    My local JB has their price (on a "coming soon" box) at $99, which I'm assuming is a mistake.

    The Odyssey was written 3000 years ago? Uhhh, I think you need to check your history...unless this is an in-joke I'm unaware of.

      Dates are bit murky when you go back that far, but it's correct in a broad sense.

    I preordered from Ebgames and plan to price match. Reason being you get a free Cappy hat for preordering.

      Not sure why you got downvoted. I hope to do the same, my son will love the hat. I'm thinking they will probably not honor the deal if you price match though.

        They tried that shit with me.

        I got the hat in the end. Son is very happy.

          I have two. Swap hats whenever Daddy gets a power moon.

    OK wait. If you guys are really us, what price are we thinking of?
    69 dudes!
    ** Sick air guitar riff **

    It's really pretty crazy when you think about it.
    Super Mario Bros. 3 launch price: $80 AUD
    Super Mario World launch price: $100 AUD
    Super Mario Odyssey launch price: $62 AUD

    And people still complain about the price of gaming...

      Super Mario 64 (and a lot of other N64 games) was $119 a lot of places.

      Depends on the game. If the game is by Nintendo then often it is the price of a game.

      If the item is from the likes of EA and others, then what is listed is only the base price of a game.

    No prices for Target?

      Target probably hasn't listed their price yet

      Target was $67 from memory...

        Target is indeed $67. I got EB to price beat them so I got it for $66. Unfortunately don't have a Big W anywhere within about 1500km.

    [A certain cap with eyes attaches itself to @weresmurf, causing him to go into JB, buy the game, leave said game on the table in an empty food court, and leaves. Cap eventually detaches itself and returns to me.]

    Ain't I a stinker?

    [Opens the game and is shooped.]

    / /

      I learnt my lesson with Nintendo consoles... neeeeever again!

        I must fix this!

        [Somehow gets Weresmurf to play Mario Kart with his kid]

    Anyone know if you can preload on the Australian Switch Eshop and if so how much is it?

    I was hoping for a bundle deal with the console..

    Maby around xmas time?

      I thought there was one. Comes with red joy cons.

    I got EB to price match BigW, traded in a few crappy titles so only had to pay a nominal amount on top.

    For anyone that hasn't picked it up yet and are at PAX - I got my copy from the Harvey Norman stand on Friday for $58! Not sure what their stock levels are or if that price is still available, but I walked away very happy.

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