The Internet Reacts To EA Closing Visceral Games

The Internet Reacts To EA Closing Visceral Games

Visceral Games, makers of the Dead Space series, Battlefield: Hardline and an upcoming Star Wars singleplayer adventure, is no more. And while there has been an outpouring of concern for the affected employees and their livelihoods, there’s also been a torrent of anger directed at EA.

As announced earlier this morning, EA revealed it would be closing Visceral and transferring development of their Star Wars adventure to “a development team from across Worldwide Studios”.

That team, led by FIFA makers EA Vancouver, would alter the design of the game. EA mentioned in a blog post that they were “closely tracking fundamental shifts in the marketplace” and that a new direction was necessary to “deliver an experience that players will want to come back to and enjoy for a long time to come”.

The explicit reference to “fundamental shifts in the marketplace” has drawn the ire of many this morning, with fans interpreting the message as EA wanting to inject more microtransactions and consumables, items that don’t traditionally fit with a linear, Uncharted-esque singleplayer experience.

Visceral’s Star Wars game was due for release in EA’s 2019 fiscal year. EA indicated in their blog post that that date is likely to change, but the project will continue albeit with a new direction.


  • Oh EA – I truly wonder how many times they can do this to beloved studio’s and not feel the financial hurt that would prevent them from doing this type of thing in the future.

    Maybe I’ll wonder forever.

      • I’d wager to guess that EA preemptively closes studio’s to avoid financial hurt, rather than take it to the chin, then subsequently close a studio to recoup the losses.

        Pure speculation, obviously.

  • So another shared world shooter Destiny clone by the sounds of it because single player games don’t garner the same mass appeal or create the same exploitative scenario like a shared world shooter to which inject micro-transactions & lootboxes into. StarWars the Destiny clone is just around the corner maybe.

  • Time to play through the Dead Space trilogy for one last send off I suppose. Seems we’ll never know the outcome to Dead Space 3’s DLC ending. I need more Lovecraftian-esque games to fill the void D:

  • I’d actually be pretty excited for destiny: star wars edition IF it didn’t come at the cost of this game visceral were making. I just want more good solo star wars game, hopefully BF2 can deliver on that. Or maybe ill just go play jedi academy again

  • Get fucked EA. Your “direction” and “change in marketplace” just cost you this dedicated Star Wars fan as a customer.

  • So….

    Battlefront II

    …all with microtransactions.

    Yes, I know Anthem isn’t out yet, but would you seriously bet against it having microtransactions? Seriously?

  • It was only when I actually looked at the trophies for Destiny 2 did I realise the extent of our blinders as what would be considered “hardcore gamers”. According to Destiny 2’s PS4 trophies, only 18% of the playerbase has completed the raid. Only 7.2% has completed a prestige Nightfall strike.

    These are two elements of the game that are some of the best and most unique when it comes to Destiny’s identity, they are massive undertakings that suck a lot of the resources in game development. Yet not even one 5th of players have completed them. It’s easy to attack EA and Activision for these mercenary decisions, but what is their alternative? These games cost absurd amounts of money to make, they can’t stay in business without catering to the 80% of their customer base.

    It’s easy to hate the publishers for these decisions, but the consumer is the one dictating the way the market looks. They don’t make any decisions like this lightly, and like they said, they conducted the market research that led to this decision.

    I honestly don’t know what the solution to this is. As a consumer, I really want triple A experiences that are mind blowing visually and satisfyingly deep mechanically. But the reality is so many people are turned off by that sort of thing. It’s why Blade Runner 2049 is a commercial flop yet Transformers makes money hand over fist.

    You want these publishers to go out of business making passion projects again and again? Then we get NO games. Maybe we do need a hard reset, something to flush the low quality consumers and creators out of the industry so developers can make the meaningful experiences they truly want. But the new world would require us being more accepting of flaws, more willing to financially reward not just good results, but also good intentions (The Fables, No Man’s Sky’s and Destiny 1’s of the world.), and more realistic expectations of what a developers can achieve without blockbuster bankrolls.

      • Opening weekend stats are a pretty widely used metric for the commercial success of a film. Blade Runner’s were dismal. Wikipedia says:

        As of October 17, 2017, Blade Runner 2049 had grossed $64.3 million in the United States and Canada, and $95.6 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $159.9 million, against a combined production and advertising budget of around $300 million.

  • i wish there was a fool proof legal way to tank EA’s stock to they point that they get brough by another publisher only to then be closed down so they finally know how it fucking feels

  • This sounds exactly like they want to turn it into an open world game with endless DLC and micro-transactions, rather than a good linear single player experience. I don’t like games that continue to have new content. Expansion packs like the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine are about the only exception. Otherwise I want to be able to play through a story and see credits role. I have other games to play. Don’t make me play your game for the whole year 🙁

  • I freaking hate EA. Buy a studio that might be a threat, then close them down. Just so they can keep loading up their games with IAP. No Wing Commander, no Syndicate, no Ultima etc etc but hell, lets keep churning out sports games.

    When ever a company announces they have been bought out by EA, start the counter for when it goes closed down (I warned the PopCap guys!).

  • I bet the “New Direction” in the Star Wars game, will be a multi-player only game centred around marketing trends, with advertising and microtransactions galore that’s community will die in less than a month because they can’t even invest in anti-cheat on their own god damn servers.

    The most promising star wars game to date will flop worse than “Star Wars: Battlefront (2115)” did and we can all blame EA for this! EA: The Cancer of Gaming!

    What”s next are EA going to shut down DiCE?

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