The Internet Reacts To Overwatch’s Symmetra Halloween Skin

The Internet Reacts To Overwatch’s Symmetra Halloween Skin
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Overwatch’s Halloween event has been announced, along with new spooky skins. While there are a lot of great new skins on offer, the fandom has already been freaking out over Symmetra’s Halloween skin that depicts her as a dragon.

The fandom has been freaking out over Symmetra’s Dragon skin, which leaked over the weekend. There’s a ton of fanart of it already, some even before it was officially announced. This isn’t really a surprise. Overwatch fandom loves their demon-y looking women.

If you’re not in the mood to draw, well, you can also just post on Twitter and Tumblr about how much you love this skin like a lot of other people are.


  • It is indeed an awesome looking skin for Sym!

    A tad disappointed her turrets still look the same, though. At least for last year’s Halloween skin they made the turrets look like eyeballs. They could’ve made them look like dragon eggs.

    Actually all the Halloween skins this year look fantastic. Viking Torbjorn is awesome – I bought & equipped it immediately 😀

    80s Zarya is brilliant, Cultist Zen is wonderfully creepy with the floating eyes, and Corsair Ana even has a parrot! 🙂

    Sad to see Sombra, Orisa & Doomfist didn’t get any skins, and quite surprised poster girl Tracer didn’t either (especially as she didn’t get one last Halloween event).

    Also sad that Sombra, Orisa & Doomfist didn’t get an RIP victory pose like every other hero has 🙁

    But on the other hand we have Pachimummy and Junkenstein’s Pachimonster 😉

    Still, a very cool bunch of skins, and a play any hero version of Junkenstein’s Revenge to boot!

  • That’s a nice looking skin even if it does kind of look like a Draenei cosplaying as Fem-Diablo.

    • i think its a mix between, Draenei, Fem Diablo and Fem Deathwing. but as it is blizzard just know how to make awesome skins

  • I disagree, most of the skins Blizzard have release for overwatch are crap
    I could give a blind guy a crayon and a bottle of whiskey and get better results
    This is a case of, it looks better than the rest of the crap on offer

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