The LG G6’s Going For $580

The LG G6’s Going For $580
Image: Gizmodo

The LG G6, which does come with a headphone jack, is one of LG’s best smartphones in a few years. Good camera, huge screen… What about the price? Well, here’s a Real Good one.

The Allphones eBay store is currently selling the LG G6, 32GB model, for just $578.90, delivered, a saving of $520.

While the Gizmodo review of the G6 wasn’t all positive, it did highlight the phones design, but lamented the fact it comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio – a totally weird design decision that leaves black bars running down the side of the phone.

However, the phone’s dual-rear camera is good enough to compete with the Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8 – but beyond that it is largely bell-less and whistle-less. If it was at retail price there’d be other phones I’d consider but at this price?

Boy oh boy, wowee.

The G6 is certainly worth a look in. It doesn’t quite have the same capabilities as some of the very recently released smartphones, but this is all about value. It appears the offer will only be available while stocks last, so jump in quick if you’re interested.



    • How are you going with the G4? I have had mine for a couple years and I really want to upgrade it to the LG V30 due to the battery life and performance starting to get a bit less than satisfactory. The camera on the G4 is just such a good camera though, I am always blown away by how nice some of the photos I take with it are.

  • I’m actually using a g6 as my daily driver, it’s a solid phone, although I do have pretty bad screen burn in problems, although that could be a one off issue. The battery is decent and it’s survived a few good knocks. If you’re in the market for a new phone its worth looking at.

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