The Most Powerful Items In Battlefront 2 Won't Be In Loot Crates

Image: EA

Now that the Battlefront 2 beta has come to a close, DICE has a chance to address all the concerns raised over the last week. So, naturally, their response has raised more questions.

In a post on the official Battlefront 2 blog, DICE took pains to reiterate multiple times that "we heard your feedback loud and clear" and that "we're continuing to listen" to player feedback.

Along with a bullet-point list of changes between now and release, DICE noted that the Strike mode could be changed to a best-of-three series. The Specialist's Infiltration mode is likely to get a nerf, and the First Order Flametrooper will undoubtedly get a buff.

But one some of the biggest considered changes, as noted below, might be excluding the most powerful items in Battlefront 2 from loot crates:

Image: EA

DICE said the decision is being considered for balance reasons. That's basically a soft reference to concerns that the game relied on a pay-to-win system, given that the only way to get crafting parts and cards was through loot crates. And that's still going to be the case, although DICE reiterated that you could get extra crafting parts whenever you pulled duplicate star cards from crates, and challenges and gameplay milestones would earn you extra crates.

So, in short, you still need crates to get everything you need. Some items and weapons will be locked behind character levels as well, much like the previous Battlefront.


    Yeah, ill be getting this second hand as well. Hell, once ive finished it ill be more than happy to lend it to anyone else to play the story. You can then pass it on. and so on and so on.

      If you just want the story... watch a streamer or wait till a Star Wars youtuber dissects the whole thing. (Also I heard most of the story is in the Inferno Squad books)

        Im from an old generation where watching people play games on youtube is a waste of time. Id rather do it my self.

      The first one dropped in price VERY quickly. And the season pass, well I paid $80 for it and almost could NEVER get a game on a DLC map. And then they started giving the season pass away for free.

      So I too will be waiting for a deal. I'm keen to hear about the SP campaign. Cos y'know, Star Wars and all that.

        Yeah thats the only reason Ill pick it up 2nd hand, but if I can give it to some one else so they dont have have to pay for it.

    I wonder if this was always the case. This isn't their first rodeo so surely they want as balanced a game as possible.

      If they wanted a balanced game... why did they put pay2win loot boxes in?

      This was absolutely never going to happen until IGN & etc started posting articles about how their boxes were 100% P2W. Now they're scrambling and trying to salvage the whole thing. Personally, I liked 1 more than 2. Dunno why, it felt more smooth, with great graphics, but not like....overtly flaunting them? idk.

    Too bad the game is very clearly built around these loot boxes, ttk is abnormally high for a Dice title, which leads me to believe that upgraded weapons shorten it to where it should "optimally" be.

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