The Next Steam Sale Kicks Off This Thursday

It's that time of year again - when people start leaking when the next major Steam sales are. There's three left in the year, and the first of them starts this Thursday.

Dates for the next three Steam sales leaked on Reddit over the weekend, and while they were later taken down that wasn't before outlets began corroborating the dates with various sources.

Eurogamer independently confirmed the dates for the Halloween, Black Friday and Winter sales, and shortly after their publication Kotaku Australia was able to corroborate the dates as well.

In Australian time, here are the next dates for the upcoming Steam sales. There aren't specific hours for when the Steam sale will kick off, so the below times are the earliest from when sales will begin (converted into AEDT).

Steam Halloween Sale: October 26 (roughly late evening) - November 1 (roughly late evening)
Steam Black Friday Sale: November 22 (roughly late evening) - November 28 (roughly late evening)
Steam Winter Sale: December 21 (roughly late evening) - January 4 2018 (roughly late evening)

Late evening is around 1900 AEDT / 1700 AWST / 1600 AQST / 1830 ACST at this time, but if sales don't kick off until the early morning then expect starting time will be pushed back a few hours.


    think i reached game saturation a few years ago. the amount of sales that exists in a year far exceeds the time I have to devote to actually gaming

    I look forward to picking something for 5 dollars and never playing it

      I know the feeling. I have almost 600 games in my Steam library (admittedly including quite a lot of F2P ones) and I've probably PLAYED (let alone completed) less than 20% of them. Even when I restrict myself to never buying a game for less than 75% off, it usually ends up going on sale for 85% off some time before I get around to playing it.

      I have 141 items on my Steam wishlist. This sale, I MIGHT end up buying, maybe, one.

        I commend you, I have 279 games in my library and everytime I look I just think "fk that's a lot of games" lol

        I just noticed Bomber Crew is out... and it's already on sale. I'm tempted to pick it up now and play all of 1hr (maybe) heh

      Ditto and I blame Humble Bundle :P

      The only thing interesting about Steam's sales for the last few years has been that we happen to get all our discounted prices at the same time instead of dribbled out in small bunches during various daily sales and publisher events over the preceding three to six months.

      If it does turn out that one or two games end up with larger discounts than we have seen before this is inevitably a factor of either random chance and incremental increase over time, or if we get lucky, short-term pricing errors such as where DLC + game packages are accidentally sold for a few hours at the same price as the base game.

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        I've got a lot of games on my wishlist that I wait to buy until they're on sale and I get almost daily notifications that games are on sale, they still do dribble them out. In fact I also got the latest RE at the capcom publisher event sale as well.

          Yes. Perhaps my comment was badly worded.

          My point was exactly that, that the same discounts are available for the rest of year in the normal run of the mill dailies and weeklies, and therefore there is absolutely nothing interesting about a "Steam Sale" for anyone with a wishlist.

          Anyone who thinks that 90% off is going to drop for any game that most people haven't actually got a copy of yet is kidding themselves.

            Yeah, it's unfortunate that the refund system killed flash sales. if a game is put up with 75% discount at the start of a sale and the next day it got 85% off, then for a three hour period it was reduced to 90% off, the amount of refund going through would cause issues.

            I feel like there could be work arounds, such as preventing a user buying/being gifted the same game again for a set period after a refund request occurs. I wonder if there's a logistical obstacle stopping this or if something else is standing in their way.

      Game saturation for sales but also for games. On my PS4 I have Horizon Zero Dawn, Tekken 7 just to name 2 recent ones. Both are great but I don't have a lot of time for them at the moment. I don't think Tekken 7 will ever get a real playing which is a shame but as a fighting game, it'll require dozens of hours of practise to get even somewhat good and it's online implementation is pretty bad.

      On my PC I have Prey which I am giving a pretty good kick right now. I'm loving it, so similar to System Shock 2 and the original Bioshock, which is a pretty great combo.

      I have sooo many other great games on steam and origin that's it's not funny, not to mention StarCraft remastered, StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 on battlenet but I don't touch any of them. Because most of them just require waaaay too much of my time to be even semi-decent at. It's a great time to be a gamer but your word saturated is the right one. There are so many good titles to play. I wish I was 19 and had all that free time to game again. Those were the days. Half Life, System Shock 2, Deus Ex and Grim Fandango. It was a golden age. I didn't even have an internet connection. I got my patches from the PC Powerplay coverdiscs.

    Pretty excited about this. I recently went through and watched a bunch of the Ahoy retrospectives and realised that I don't own Quake/Half Life/Unreal on my Steam account, so I've been waiting for the inevitable 90% markdowns come Steam sale.

    Mostly excited for Half-life so I can replay the They Live expansion again.

      Do you mean They Hunger? Because if you don't you should definitely try that as well, from the golden days of total conversion mods :)

        That's the one! I've also researched a few others, like USS Darkstar that I missed back when I had a disc based version of Half-life. I hope all these mods still exist somewhere.

          They do, although you'll have to mess around a little bit to get USS Darkstar to work as they didn't release a Steam compatible version of it.

          Moddb is going to be your best friend for getting and setting up these old mods.

            The old days of desura. I've got tons of mods around some where.

          You want half life mods? Try, cry of fear, it's also stand alone on steam as well.

    So what? It's been years since I've bought a game on steam. I can always find a better price with a quick internet search, even when they are having a sale.

    No joke, it has to be at least 5 years now since it's been worth it.

      Really? I've heard a lot of people say this, but I've rarely found it to be the case. I got Subnautica for $10 and Hitman Season 1 for $20 last sale, and last Christmas I was looking for multiplayer games and got Dungeon Defenders, Castle Crashers and Broforce for about $3 each. I haven't seen better deals for any of those.

      Where do you find cheaper games? I only usually look at Steam, GoG, Humble, GMG, the GameDeals subreddit and the websites of the publisher.

        A lot of those games are indie though, I tend to just hit the AAA stuff mainly and that's been the case for me consistently.

        Look, I'm not going to say I don't feel a little dirty, but apart from GMG and GoG...

        I bought Prey on the weekend for $25.

        I also use: for anything I'm looking for. I got Wolfenstein for $8.

    its been years since they were enticing, its when they change from having those hourly/daily specials which constantly forced you back to their page day after day for the chance of that one truly special deal.

    Now its just log in once, see what they have got, then come back next sale.

      Plus once they switched to US currency I found that a huge turnoff. 'Oh only $30 you say...' visit currency conversion website, enter figures '$49 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!'

      You can get better deals at EB and JB most of the time.

    I have over 100 games on my Steam Wishlist, and have not seen 1 price drop from beginning of sale to end of the sale, over the last few large sale periods. Steam and publishers/devs have caught on long ago.

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    I've just grabbed Forts over the weekend when it was reduced (I've been watching games of it since the Kotaku article a few weeks back) but really, the only things I'd look at getting in this sale would be the Deathwing and Dawn of War 3 games, along with R6 Siege, but even then, I'm not sure which packs and passes I'd need and what's a good price to pay for them.

      Yeah, Deathwing seemed a bit too broken when it launched. I'd like to give it a whirl, at the right price.

        I've also been reading a hell of a lot of the W40k/Horus Heresy novels recently, so playing something in that universe would be cool, so I can visualise stuff similar to what I've been reading.

      you might have missed out (but it's worth double checking) but Dawn of War 3 was 50% off over the weekend

      I impulsed bought it (it's actually not that bad tbh)

    Ah yep - the annual Steam mid-Summer Winter sale.

    What happened to the steam store moving to AUD?

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