The North Remembers (Great Cosplay)

Image: Kevin Von Close

Here's Kevin Von Close and Jon Snow Cosplay at Twitchcon over the weekend, looking like they'd just finished up some bullshit adventure to try and catch a zombie.

If you were wondering whether that was just a fortuitous shot or that a guy who goes by the name Jon Snow cosplay can actually nail that sad kissy face, it's the latter.

One more from #fanime that came out really well. #jonsnow #jonsnowlives #forthewatch #fanime2016 #gameofthrones

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    Why is Kit Harrington cosplaying as himself??? :O

      some people were born to pretend to be other people it would seem

    If you told someone that was Kit Harrington they would believe you. Without the make up and stuff though does he still look like IRL Kit Harrington?

    I know it not nice to judge by appearance, but his face SCREAMS “I know nothing”.

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