The People Behind Infamous Are Making A Samurai Game

The People Behind Infamous Are Making A Samurai Game

Sucker Punch, the studio behind Infamous and Sly Cooper, has announced a new game. Ghost Of Tsushima, coming to the PlayStation 4, focuses on feudal samurai.

It has been three years since Sucker Punch’s previous game, the PlayStation 4 title Infamous: Second Son. A self dubbed “action, stealth adventure game”, Ghost Of Tsushima will feature an explorable open world and is set during the Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island in the 12th century.

Ghost Of Tsushima‘s trailer features plenty of sneaky backstabbing and drama as well, suggesting some exciting action. Which is good news since I’ve been dying for another Onimusha game for at least five years.


  • Man I am super keen for this kind of outlet. Hoping it isn’t a disappointment like Nioh

      • Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it but after playing 30 hours or so its started to loose enjoyment I think purely to the fact that it was just another loot quest. I kinda really wanted it to be a little more open but at the same time I enjoyed being able to jump on have a thrash and jump off.

        • I’m currently working my way through the game and I’m also hitting a point of serious fatigue. I’m still enjoying the combat encounters and the boss fights are more than challenging enough. And yeah, you don’t need to really bother following the story…’s bonkers.

          • It fell a little short for me too, but I thoroughly enjoyed the game, still need to finish (which I will now I’ve gone Pro, gotta see it at its best!!!)

            For me, I was a little “souled” out at the time and I was disappointed that they started exploring a good stance system and stopped.
            (I miss the technical stuff like the early Kengo/Sots series)

          • I get the stances and use them accordingly when I need to adapt to an enemy type or perform a high stance attack to finish off an enemy. But managing my KI pulses, soft and hard attacks and their related combos I found it a bit of a distraction trying to add in a change of stance in amongst a parry/attack sequence. I realize there are skills to put you from one stance into another, but I’m preferring to use my points for actual attacks forms.

          • Yeah it can feel very messy at times, I rarely hit a good pulse unless I get a pattern going, but then something else suffers

  • Hopefully they get the movement right this time. Almost finished second son from ps plus freebie.

    Worst movement I have experienced in a long time.

    • Was it different from the earlier Infamous games? Haven’t played SS yet but enjoyed the earlier ones enough.

      • This is my first game in the franchise. But I did do some research to check if it was worth my time.

        Apparently it’s the “best” like the others but more refined.

        It’s ok IMO, some things are just a bit shonky, like the movement it can get frustrating when you get stuck on things and are getting shot etc. Or can get to where you know you can I am about 40% through and the game gave me some new “powers” but took away the old.

        So it was super jaring having new powers that were subtly different yet the same.

        My score 6\10 good as a freebie or at $25 or less

  • I hope they address the corruption, nepotism and sexism of Feudal Japan. All the best anime dealt with those themes, like Samurai Champloo. the Western sanitised fanboyism is boring.

    • Dont even get me started on the difference between the romanticised and real history.

      Nioh was actually a brilliant portrayal of culture and era in its own way, an allegory on the effects that centuries of war has on a people, especially in its mythology, superstition and religion.

      Not putting my chips on this being a dramatic romp through the complexities of the time, but I suppose it’s going to like pretty damn good at least.

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