The Steven Universe RPG Introduces An All-New Evil Gem

The Steven Universe RPG Introduces An All-New Evil Gem

Steven Universe: Save the Light is coming to Xbox One next week, and a brand-new baddie is coming with it. Meet pompous Homeworld commander Hessonite.

The follow-up to Grumpyface’s outstnading mobile RPG Attack the Light, Steven Universe: Save the Light is a console RPG featuring an original story developed with series creator Rebecca Sugar. A mysterious warrior steals a powerful weapon from the Crystal Gems’ Beach City home, so Steven and friends embark on an adventure to retrieve it before it’s used for not-so-good. Now we meet the evil gemstone pulling the strings. Here’s Hessonite making her grand entrance.

If the voice sounds familiar, that’s because they have tapped Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress Christine Baranski to play Hessonite, infusing her with the perfect blend of menace and aloofness.

The Steven Universe RPG Introduces An All-New Evil Gem

For the geologically-minded Steven Universe fans, sessonite is a variety of grossular, which is in the garnet group of minerals. Due to its red, orange and yellow colouring, it’s also known as cinnamon stone. Spicy!

Steven Universe: Save the Light launches on Xbox One on November 3, with a PlayStation 4 release to follow.


  • It says in the YouTube clip in the article that it releases on PS4 on Oct 31, before X Box One.

  • Correction: PS4 release is October 31st – or at least it says in the description on the PlayStation YouTube channel’s upload of the trailer.

    Attack the Light was a phenomenal mobile game, although pretty short, so I’m super excited for a fully fledged sequel.

  • Is this PS store only? Doesn’t come up in a search of any retailers but isn’t available for pre-order on ps store either.

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