TheMexicanRunner Wallops Cuphead World Record By 3 Seconds

Video As soon as Cuphead came out a group of speedrunners raced to claim the world record. The latest person to emerge on top of this struggle is TheMexicanRunner, beating the All Bosses category in 26:35.

Cuphead speedruns tend to fall into two major categories: All Bosses and Any%. Any% is your standard beat the game as fast as possible category while All Bosses throws in an optional boss fight. Both categories are almost identical and if someone’s All Bosses time is fast enough, it will claim the top spot of both leaderboards.

There are a handful of glitches used in the runs. The most obvious is known as ‘Weapon Swap Glitch’ or ‘Contra-swapping’, trick where the runner mashes the weapon swap button to double their damage output. And yes, a similar trick is used in the Contra games.

Loading times are automatically removed to level the playing field.

The leaderboards for Cuphead are quite crowded right now, the record for both categories has been bouncing back and forth between a number of runners and is unlikely to stay in any one person’s hands for too long.

There’s a good chance someone, possibly even TheMexicanRunner, will have beaten this record by the time you’ve finished watching the video. [Reddit]

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