There's An Xbox One X Themed 'Hotel' Designed For Gaming Sleepovers

Image: Xbox

Xbox One X isn't out until November 7, but if you're keen to get your hands on one earlier - in say, an Official Xbox themed sleepover kind of situation - you're in luck. Really.

Xbox calls it "Stay N' Play", and it is basically the strangest hotel ever, without any sleep guaranteed - but hey, it's free. There will be four themed rooms in the Sydney location - Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed Origins and Minecraft are confirmed.

The accommodation will be open from 3 to 5 November. You'll need a Gamertag to check in (is this the future?).

You can choose from a nighttime (8pm to 8am) or daytime (two hour sessions) booking. And you can take a friend.

Inside the rooms are 4K HDR TVs, Dolby Atmos enabled headsets and a whole stack of Xbox One X Enhanced Games.

Reservations are now open, but if you miss out you can still check out the lobby where there will be a few console/TV setups available to play.


    I booked a daytime session on the Saturday because why not. If only I had someone to go with. I don't have a 4K TV so I think it'll be educational.

    "I have a booking for 2 nights thanks"
    "Can I have your gamertag please?"
    "It's under xX360noscop3b00tywizard420blazeitXx"
    "Thank you, enjoy your stay."

    i thought there was a limit of 16 characters for a gamer tag ? hmmmmm

    I see an alarming trend after Twitchcon to stick gamers in large glass boxes.

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