There's Now A PS4 Controller For Tiny Hands

Sony has licensed Japanese peripheral company Hori to make a new controller for the PS4 called the Mini Wired Gamepad. It's designed for kids (and adults with small hands, I guess?), and I am very upset it wasn't called the Kidsaxis.

Like the name suggests, it's wired (with a 10ft cable) and is 40% smaller than a DualShock 4. It also ships in a very nice shade of PlayStation blue.

It will be selling for $US30 ($38), and will be out this holidays. All of which sounds good! Now for the catch: "this controller does not include some features of DualShock 4, including a touch pad, light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, or motion sensing".

Ah, so that's why it's only $US30 ($38). At least the touch pad still works, kinda; there's a button in the middle that replicates the effect of clicking on the touchpad.


    If this was wireless these would be flying out the door.

      Maybe its less than a cord and more of a tether to stop kids piffing these out the door.

        What happens when they run off and pull it with them. Taking the PS4 with them.

          This obviously an intentional design feature to sell more replacement PS4's

    Its normal controller is too small for my slabs of meat! This is just rubbing it in...

      I feel your pain, my man.

      Most times a game requires me to have a thumb on each joystick simultaneously, I always end up hitting them together before bending them to "seat" them correctly.

      I'm not even a big guy!

    There's Now A PS4 Controller For Tiny Hands

    Tested by Trump himself, I take it?


    Now all they need to do is re-work the dual shock 4 with off-set sticks so, you know, fps games can be played properly

    While I appreciate that it doesn't have the stupid split D-Pad Sony has insisted on for the past 20+ years, the left analog stick is still in the wrong spot.

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