This Cosplayer Really Disappears Into The Character

Image: Aicosu

Get it?

The anime Boku No Hero Academia has been a popular one for cosplay this year — you'd be hard pressed to go to an event without seeing a handful of its heroes crowding the hallways. But this cosplay of BNHA's Toru Hagakure takes it to the next level. We're still wondering how she did it. The resemblance is uncanny!

Image: Aicosu
Image: Aicosu

Oh and there's a fanservice shot as well (of course).

Image: Aicosu


    This is pretty cool though unless you're a wizard there's no way you could do this outside of a photo shoot and a bt of post-processing magic. What I'm wondering is whether they used a green bodysuit or just plain old fashioned deleting the skin parts to remove the person from the clothes.

    Pretty impressive stuff. That last one looks like the leg (the one closest to the dress) is either 3D and composited in or a rough 2D cutout pasted in. Look closely and the top of the sock is not rounded, possibly constructed of polygons or the line tool was used to cut it out from another image in Photoshop. Either way, it's pretty cool.

    Upskirt shots are fanservice?

    Because implied pedophilia is totally a good thing....

    Is it weird that my brain automatically sees Anzu in the blank spaces?

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