This Musician Turned A Gaming Controller Into An Invisible Drum Kit

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We now live in a world where a slash through the air can create a cornucopia of sound and light. One movement provides an oratory and visual feast that is free from the spacial confines presented by traditional instruments. What you're about to witness is the future of electronic music. And it all started with a video game controller.

Gizmodo's Light and Motion series is brought to you by Mazda CX-3. Celebrating motion as an art form, with, Mazda's signature ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design philosophy capturing the striking beauty of movement.

Alon Ilsar is a Sydney musician who invented the AirSticks - a motion tracking instrument that allows him to create music and visuals by simply moving through the air around him. He has done this by utilising programming and a decade-old gaming controller, the Razer Hydra, which detects a users position and orientation.

I headed over to Ilsar's studio space with Gizmodo to find out how it works, and see some of his breathtaking compositions.


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