Thor: Ragnarok Was Born From Minor Moments In The Previous Thor Films

Everyone loves to rank Marvel movies. And down near the bottom on almost every single list are Thor and Thor: The Dark World. So how is it that we're all so stoked about the third film in a trilogy that's not even close to being as loved as others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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"As we make more movies you start to see some patterns," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told me. "One of those that I'm proud of is when we get to a part three, you don't use it as an opportunity to keep doing what you're doing or double down on 'People like the first two so let's do the same thing.' You do something totally different."

Such has been the case with Shane Black's Tony Stark-heavy Iron Man 3, the third Captain America movie adopting the much larger Civil War storyline and, hypothetically, Avengers 3 bringing everyone together for Infinity War.

But first, Thor: Ragnarok.

"With this movie, [director] Taika [Waititi] takes a little page out of the little moments in the other Thor films where [Chris] Hemsworth is funny," Feige continues. "[Saying] 'Another!' in the first Thor movie. Him, which was his idea and his improv, hanging his hammer on a coat hook in The Dark World, and that continued with some of the things he did in Age of Ultron."

With each movie, it became more and more obvious to Marvel that Hemsworth was more than just a physical presence. He was a comedic one too. And the actor noticed the Marvel Cinematic Universe was beginning to go in that direction as well.

"He saw what we'd done with some of our other films and said 'Mate, I can do this,'" Feige said. "And we knew that he could. So we started to construct a movie around that version of Thor and that persona of Thor. So while we got as deep in mythology as we have in any movie with Hera and Raganrok, etc., we're also using it as an opportunity to shift tonal gears."


    Or... "Guardians 1 and 2 were funny as hell and highly regarded for their comedy, so we thought we'd experiment at least with branching out into the series with the least favorable run so far..."

      Not to mention colourful, Thor's aptly titled "Dark World" was just miserable in tone brought out in the picture. Both Guardians movies were so vibrant, Thor has most definitely taken this queue moreso than the comedic one.

      Theres also plenty of spaceships and guns. I'm going into Ragnarok expecting a third Guardians film, not a third Thor.

        Pretty much. I don't exactly see it as a negative though, Thor's series was pretty much dead on arrival. First was stuck in a small western town. Second was boring as hell space elves and one of the worst MCU films. This at least looks FUN!

          Definitely not a negative, very much looking forward to Ragnarok.

    Thor and Thor DW were far from the bottom for me. I'd raise them over Antman, Captain America 1, Spidey Homecoming & Dr Strange. On par with Winter Soldier for me.

      I'd like to respect your opinion, but I can't... I just can't...

      For me, Cap 2 was as bad as Thor 2, but I loved Thor 1, directed by the awesome Kenneth Branagh,one of the best serious superhero films.
      Dr Strange was also very disappointing, but I enjoyed Antman as it was quite fun and not too serious, while initially pretending to be serious with drama clichés it then turned them on their head to allow for interesting character growth and fun.
      And I felt Homecoming was the first REAL Spiderman film so far.

        I didn't dislike Spidey, in fact the only Marvel movie I did dislike was Cap 1. The others I just didn't like as much as the rest of them.

    Thor was a great movie, Thor 2 was forgettable. I was not a huge fan of Guardians 2 because it relied too heavily on pop culture references and cameos. I really hope this Thor movie doesn't go down that track. Thor had funny moments in all of the movies because of how the character is portrayed but if they try to make him a comedic character I think it will take away what makes him a great character in the first place.

      I trust Taikas' skills as a director. That man could get a funny performance out of a bunch of kindergartners and a roll of razor wire.

    Thor 1 is top notch, Anthony Hopkins nails it. Dr Strange is at the bottom for me. It was devoid of adventure and investment.

      Totally agreed.
      Kenneth Branagh is one of the finest directors there is.
      Dr Strange started off interesting but quickly became a boring fun sucking soulless demon, despite Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor.
      I think what I liked about it best was that Ejiofor was really just playing his Serenity character again.

        Yeah, you’re right, I watched Dr Strange a second time and Cumberpatch totally carries it. That and the marvel connectivity. Those elements make it watchable but not great.

    We're all stoked because no matter how you feel about the Thor films, this is the one that is dumping Natalie Portman! I don't understand how that woman can have absolutely no chemistry with anyone. Except the french guy in Leon, but that was kind of creepy with the age difference.

    Original Thor film is legitimately my favourite in the marvel universe.

    Big marvel fan too.

    Kotaku contributers are the worst.

    I don't mind the Thor films, although i really think the costume department sucks - Anthony Hopkins looks like he is wearing tinfoil and every single helmet in the movie is terrible - no wonder Thor doesn't wear one it's because they all look so stupid.

    Whoever puts Thor 1 anywhere near the bottom of any list needs to have their head examined. That place belongs to Spidey, Iron Man 2 and 3 and probably Thor 2 as well. Thor 1? Definately not.

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