Total War Warhammer 2, As Told By Steam Reviews

Total War Warhammer 2, As Told By Steam Reviews

Any game that lets you play with dinosaurs flinging magic at other dinosaurs, war machines that look like gargantuan infestations of Lego and armoured mutant elephants is probably going to be received pretty well.

And for the most part, that’s been the reception to Total War Warhammer 2 on Steam. A follow-up to Creative Assembly’s fantasy take on the Total War franchise, TW2 is currently sitting at a 89% user rating after more than 2900 reviews at the time of writing.

In Luke’s review, he found that Warhammer 2 was a solid improvement on the original with good variety between the four main factions, better end-game pacing, and enough adjustments to the Total War formula to set it apart as a sequel, rather than an overpriced expansion.

Total War: Warhammer 2: The Kotaku Review

Let's keep this simple. <em>Total War: Warhammer</em> was a very good strategy game. <em>Total War: Warhammer 2</em> is better.

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The Steam reviews tend to diverge along a couple of lines. Positive reviews generally praise the game for its improvements on the original: adding a better UI, the inclusion of the vortex campaign, good variety between the main factions, an improved magic system, accessibility compared to most Total War games, and improved optimisations.

But there’s also some hangover criticisms, flaws that remain from the original Total Warhammer and previous Total War games in general. Critics pointed to exceedingly long load times, something Luke also noted in his review. Others also questioned the lack of unit variety between the High Elves and Dark Elves, and the fact that the diplomacy system is simplistic and rendered moot come the end-game (due to how the vortex campaign works).

Users also complained about a lack of improvements to the AI, not enough content to justify its price compared to the original Total Warhammer, crashes in multiplayer and a strategic view that offers little information to the player.

Here’s what users are saying about Total War Warhammer 2:

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  • They’re planning on releasing a map which combines the TWW2 map with the TWW one, letting you use all the old factions and play without the vortex as a victory condition. If you have the first game already, that’s going to be excellent (even better if you have any of the dlc for the first game – also usable in the combined map). But I seriously doubt whether it’s worth buying a full price, obsolete game if you don’t already own it, and without it I don’t see the game having nearly enough variety in subsequent replays.

    • Yeah I am hoping that once they release the joint map etc they do a bundle of 1 and 2 together for a reasonable price

    • That’s what I’m looking forward to. The Vortex campaign made me feel rushed and I prefer to take my time

  • The vortex victory condition is a bit of a bummer. I was fighting on two different fronts as clans Mors; when I Lothren and Naggrond (sp?) start rolling into their last ritual. Instead of the AI attempting to avert the victory of a faction it was at war with, it instead doubled down and invaded me (I was neautral with them) while I was forced to split my forces between the two capitals.

    The campaign map AI is a dumpster fire, clearly ignoring objectives in favor of hampering the player. There are also some siege maps that have woeful pathing, one of the Dark Elve’s castles is set in a small corner and I had real trouble getting my Doomwheels moving correctly, they just stutter in place or spin around alot.

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