Twitter Users In Japan Imagine Hollywood’s Your Name 

Twitter Users In Japan Imagine Hollywood’s Your Name 

J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures are developing a live-action remake of the hit anime movie Your Name. Wonder what it will be like? On Twitter in Japan, people are already predicting just that.

[Image: ahiru353]

Let’s have a look!

It will probably have big Hollywood stars.

A bit more action.

Certain Japanese culture-specific things will have to be replaced. Instead of kuchikamizake, how about Jack Daniels?

The characters will need English names, such as “Max”.

More special effects.

And more lens flares.

Instead of “aho” (あほ) or “idiot”, stronger language might appear.

The plot will be reworked. How about a generous use of the words “fuck” and “fucking” and some American flag waving at the end?

It could always take inspiration from Face/Off if the original anime isn’t exciting enough or needs a shoot-out.

It will probably get a different style movie poster.

Another movie poster option.

This tweet is from this winter, but it’s a good reminder of how Hollywood could add in “Danger Zone”. That song is great.

Or, perhaps, the movie poster could be something like this.


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