Uniqlo’s Nintendo Shirts Are Finally Available In Australia

Uniqlo’s Nintendo Shirts Are Finally Available In Australia

All images: Uniqlo

Having launched in Japan in May, Uniqlo’s Nintendo-themed shirts have finally made their way to Australia.

The range available locally covers a pretty wide gamut of Nintendo properties. There’s shirts for Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Zelda, Donkey Kong, a Magikarp shirt, and the retro-themed red Mario shirt which was the winner of Uniqlo’s design competition.

My favourite is probably the Metroid one, though. And the Star Fox shirt is pretty rad too.

The shirts went on sale nationally today, with Uniqlo’s Chermside store in Queensland getting a day’s headstart on the rest of the country. It’ll cost you $19.90 per tee, with the kid’s variations priced at $14.90 a pop.

I’ve been waiting for these since they were announced. Hell, I went to a couple of Uniqlo stores in Japan recently and found one shirt. Just one. So it’s nice that they’re available locally, especially with PAX just a few weeks away.


  • The website doesn’t seem to show the full range available in other countries, I hope that doesn’t translate to what AU is getting because I’m only interested in the designs not on the website.

  • Oh yes. I wore out my Donkey Kong arcade one I got in the US many years ago. This looks like a worthy replacement.

  • Bit disappointed in the Kids range, only a select few are available in kids sizes. Adults get three times the range

    Brisbane CBD tho, unsure if that’s the case elsewhere.

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